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Basic question: Taxes and travel

skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11

In the past I didn`t have to travel much for my business.
But, I see a few trips this year that have a business component.
Question 1: Are these trips considered tax deductible?
a) A trip to meet with a prospective partner
b) A trip to a destination to do a workshop, where my family also comes along.
If a trip is a legitimate business trip, should I claim all mileage, gas, hotels, meals?
Thanks in advance!


  • eGurueGuru subscriber Posts: 7
    The short answer is yes.  Be careful however of what you lump into your expenses.  Anything directly related to your business (i.e. plane ticket, parking, meals and miles that you incur to go visit a partner) is deductible.  Let`s say you take your prospective partner out and spend on dinner (meals and entertainment) - 50% of those are deductible.  Your  CPA or tax software should calculate that for you automatically.
    When your family travels with you, it is up to you how you want to prorate each expense on that trip as part business and part personal.  Whatever you do, maintain all documentation in case the IRS needs any proof of your expenditures and their relevance to your business. 
    Hope that helps
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