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Hi everyone,
I`ve recently revamped my site and business to promote two primary product/services. I want to see if my changes have resulted in clear offerings and information architecture and usability, or NOT.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
Site is:


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I vaguely remeber the earlier site, but this one is well done and does navigate easily and your services are clearly defined.
  • skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Thanks, everyone, for the feedback.
    I realize that the student site looks different from my main site. I haven`t cared much since most people don`t go to the student site.
    So, I`m focusing on the adult stuff.
    The products are:
    Oxford Career Aptitudes Program (CAP). Mainly an advanced, thorough career testing package for adults (can also be purchased by students).
    Oxford Program of Career Change. This is a holistic, longer process for adults.
    I`d be greatly appreciative if you could comment on what`s wrong with the copy.
    CraigL: You mention that the Learn More on the home page should go to a page with a "click here" for my two programs. Doesn`t it do that already? I guess I`m a bit confused about what you`re suggesting there.
    Thanks again!
  • skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Craig,
    Thanks. I took your advice and put those graphics in.
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