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Critique please

skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
edited July 2008 in Website Critique
My site is at: http://www.theoxfordprogram.com
Most of the people come to my site by searching on "career counseling" or "career change".
My conversion rate for orders and newsletter/ecourse sign-ups is pretty poor.
Do you see anything major with the layout, or subscription path, or wording, that may be a big factor?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    How do you know your conversion rates are low? Do you have any other data to compare them to? What I`m getting to is that they may not be low relatively. However, I believe there is always something to improve those rates.
    The first impression of your site is that it`s very professional. However I clicked on the Students section, and it changed the entire layout compared to all the other sections. It got me confused, and I noticed there was no testimonies in the student section which is what worried me the most, especially if a non-savvy parents is on your site and gets stuck in that section for their child. Also note there is no clear way of going back to the main site besides using my browser back button.
    Second thing I noticed was the intrusive bulletin popup. I strongly recommend you don`t have any popups as it is in most peoples opinion they degrade the integrity of your website.
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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Hello Colin,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I can`t really compare to others, you`re right in my assuming they`re lower than most.
    90% of visitors don`t click on the Students section (which is essentially a very different site). So, while I understand the issue IF people went there, I`m not really concerned with that.
    I put the pop-over recently, since I`m testing different methods of getting leads. I noticed that most internet marketers use these, so I thought I`d try it out. My guess is they`re not working, and maybe hindering people.
    Thanks again for taking the time to visit my site and supplying comments.
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    skbohlerskbohler subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Paul,
    I`ve heard others talk about being too much content. But then I look at really successful sales sites and see really long pages and mine doesn`t feel too long.
    But, let`s assume that there`s too much content. My fear is cutting out that muscle and leaving the fat. What would I cut out?
    It would be very helpful if you elaborated on the message that everything was "bonafide". Can you point out an example?
    Thanks again!
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