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Site review and feedback please

RevivingLeadRevivingLead subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
I`m looking for everyone to review my new site and give me some feedback on what if anything (I`m sure there is) should be changed/fixed.
My site is www.Reviving-Leadership.com</A>


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    RevivingLeadRevivingLead subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Professor,
    I must say that you misunderstand some things though.
    First, the "book" isn`t mine.  I am not sure which "book" you are referring to that my site be named for but like I said, no book promoted on my site is mine.
    Next, the conference mentioned on the home page and the site that the link takes you to isn`t my conference or my site.  I am familiar with Mark Gorman`s teachings, books, and conferences and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve themselves.
    Third, leadership IS for everyone but not everyone takes the reigns.  Leadership is having influence over others NOT necessarily positional, a boss having influence over the employees because he can fire them, but having influence that is earned by those that follow. 
    Parents should be the leaders in their homes.  Preachers should be leaders in their church and community.  Everyone CAN be a leader at some time in their lives.  A person may be a leader for a short period of time dealing with a certain situation or they may be life long leaders in their communities, jobs, businesses, and hopefully families.  Unfortunately, many people today are not leaders in their homes and that is where things need to change. 
    You may not like the site and that is fine, thank you for the review.  I also encourage you to go back to my site, purchase a book or two and decide to fall in love with learning and bettering yourself.  The book of the month is my current recommendation but all the books that I recommend are great books.
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