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Does Anyone Have a Kleenex?

BarbRBarbR subscriber Posts: 5
edited March 2007 in Marketing
I am as guilty as most people when I ask for a facial tissue.  To me, it`s a Kleenex.  I believe that Kimberly-Clark owns the Kleenex brand, so, in my opinion, they have done a fantastic job marketing that particular brand to be a household word.  Branding is a very important aspect of getting your audience to know your product, and buy it!  Kleenex brand is a trusted, household name.  And, I normally buy that brand, as well.  Have you ever heard someone ask, "Does anyone have a Puffs?" 
Can anyone think of any other brands, like Kleenex, are used in everyday language?  Just a fun exercise.  Let`s see where we can go with this!


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