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How do you make the time?

PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
edited August 2006 in Thought Leadership
One of the most debated topics in growing a small business (at least it seems to me) is the one that says "in order to grow you have to hire, delegate, let go, develop systems and processes, and a whole lot of other stuff."
The other side says "that`s nice but I don`t have the time, the resources, the bandwidth.....I`m too busy running my business and fighting fires".
So my question is do you have any practical solutions to this very real challenge? If you are a growing company what actions have you taken to bring the theory in line with reality?
StevePeerSight2006-8-23 17:22:26


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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Write guidelines for all your typical daily tasks. I know you don`t have time to write them, but if you want to get out from under the pressure, you must have a "manual" for others to work with. That way they (the hired person) does the job the way you would. Then, once they do it your way for a bit, they can provide insight to new ways and change the guidelines you have written.
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    DannyboyDannyboy subscriber Posts: 0
    A great business book that I have read and re-read over the years is the E-Myth, by M. Gerber.  The golden rule from this book is, "Run your business, don`t let your business run you."  If you can take the time to check it out I`m sure you gain invaluable insights on how to make this happen for you.
    Good Luck,
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