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How do you make the time?

PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
I asked this question in another section but think it really belongs here as well
One of the most debated topics in growing a small business (at least it seems to me) is the one that says "in order to grow you have to hire, delegate, let go, develop systems and processes, and a whole lot of other stuff."
The other side says "that`s nice but I don`t have the time, the resources, the bandwidth.....I`m too busy running my business and fighting fires".
So my question is do you have any practical solutions to this very real challenge? If you are a growing company what actions have you taken to bring the theory in line with reality?


  • j1acostaj1acosta subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve never heard anyone in business say they did not have time to grow it...
    I`ve heard the usual, not enough hours, money or hands... Well, anyway your question, though stating a common issue that is so generic and basic it is common to everyone who thinks they should, could or ought to be doing more.  The only answer I`ve found is to REFOCUS by:
    1) Determine what you want the business to be, grow or develop into;
    2) Look at the processes, resources, assets and liabilities towards same goal(s);
    3) Flowchart and timeline your business development project to place doable milestones, needs, goals and thresholds; and
    4) Refocus your and the business efforts towards meeting same.
    That is my opinion only,  I wish you well.     
  • j1acostaj1acosta subscriber Posts: 0
    OOOOOhhhhh girlwiredin...
    I am reading and re-reading your suggestions and I love them!  Boy, do I feel DUMB!  I see what you mean... I am a salesman and that is what I do... sell, all day everyday and I am in the trap you cited.  Thank you for opening my eyes... If I may ask, where does one best look for these Virtual Assistants and Offices?  I need to look at this and free myself to go for the larger picture and agency growth... Please don`t stop now!
  • InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
    Steve,  my rule has always been this - let your $8.00 an hour staff do the $8.00 an hour work.    You aren`t going to grow your company doing customer service, shipping, packing, etc.
    Sometimes that`s a leap of faith, but consider that most $8.00 an hour positions are non revenue generating positions, correct?
  • PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi all;
    Thanks for all of the great responses. Very practical and useable for all of us. In fact I thought they were so good that I reference this thread on our blog. Keep them coming.
    The one thing I found most facinating though was the interchange between Jose and Shonika. Jose had some very practical advice in his first post but Shonika`s perspective made him think differently and put it into use to grow his own business. Nothing he didn`t know but something we often can`t do by ourselves. I thought that was cool.
    I guess that is the thing I come away with all the time. As Shonika (and others ) said it takes learning, trust and perspective to be able to do all of the practical stuff necessary to free time and resources to grow a business. And to do this on a sustainable basis takes a little help from friends and mentors. The beetles had it right "I get by with a little help from my friends".
    StevePeerSight2006-8-25 11:46:17
  • OnlineSidingJamesOnlineSidingJames subscriber Posts: 2
    Interesting topic!


    I believe every position within a company is a revenue generating position. With the right culture, regardless of pay, everyone has a part in the operation of the company and therefore, its revenue.

    And I also must say that CUSTOMER SERVICE is a major growth factor. If you don`t have customers, then where is your revenue coming from?

    I don`t mean to get on your case, I just felt the need to respond to your observation with my own.

    JamesOnlineSidingJames2006-8-28 10:59:21
  • YourTravelBizYourTravelBiz subscriber Posts: 1
    To be honest with you, If you are trying to build a business and don`t have the time, than it is the wrong business.
    I feel that an Entrepenuer when looking to build a business should look for an industry that he can build and spend max time with family and friends.
    Try this on for size, saying you want a total of 100 hours a week worth of progress; you get 10 people to put in 10 hours a week.  That is called leverage.
    If you have the right marketing plan and compesation plan, you can have hundreds of hours worth of effort and litteraly be making 5 digits a month
  • PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
    Thats the theory....but I sitill contend that it isn`t that easy in reality. If it were so easy Michael Gerber would never have coined the popular phrase "working on your business instead of in it".
    Any practical ways to put the theory into practice on a day to day basis?
  • SnowflakeManSnowflakeMan subscriber Posts: 3
    There`s a familiar phrase which is you should be working "On The Business" not "In The Business". It is very hard to do at first.
    In terms of delegation though, I am sure you have come across some wonderful people over the years who would love to be involved with you and your business. There are not many people who can do the tasks you want to do 100% as well as you would like. But getting people to do the task 90% as well as you could do it, you have twice as many tasks achieved. Naturally this multiplies exponentially the more people you have on board.
    If you can pay people on results rather than fixed retainers, this also helps you have a little more flexibility and forgiveness in running your day to day basis.
    Good Luck
  • PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks for all of the great answers. You know it is interesting when you go back and review all of the advice on a thread.....in its totality it is really very good.
    Anyway.....I hope this is not seen as a shameless plug.....it really isn`t ......but I wanted to share with this group a couple of posts that I received on other forums where I asked pretty much the same one I did here; "How Do You Make the Time?"
    They are really pretty good responses and I thought the group could benefit from them....Let me know what you think. 
    They can be found on my blog at http://blog.peersightonline.com</A>. and are entitled Marie`s Excellent Post and How Do You Make the Time Part II.
    StevePeerSight2006-9-12 21:15:14
  • YoungCEOYoungCEO subscriber Posts: 0
    Great answers...interesting insights. Add to that, Steve`s cool blog. So much good information. Keep `em coming.

    Only problem is...how do I find the time to read and execute all this good info??
  • PeerSightPeerSight subscriber Posts: 7
    Glad you liked the blog and more importantly the collective wisdom from everyone who posted. I am always amazed at how much information comes from our peers.
    StevePeerSight2006-9-24 16:53:20
  • mills97mills97 subscriber Posts: 0
    Jose -
    I found a virtual assistant on www.fastpitchnetworking.com</A>
    This ia a site to network and connnect to other  professional.  It is free to start and you just create a profile and then go to search profiles to find your virtual assistant.  There are some in there from all over the country, which doesn`t really matter unless you have a preference. 
    Hope this sends you in the right direction.
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