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stephen j arnett - web

stephenjarnettstephenjarnett subscriber Posts: 1
Hi Stephen J Arnett hired me to hide all his scamming
activities by posting all the links you see on google about him. but then he
decided to scam me too and send me bad check for my work. below are links to the
truth about this scumbag. http://www.kentucky.com/211/story/254474.htmlhttp://www.kentucky.com/428/story/104053.htmlhttp://diplomamillnews.blogspot.com/200 ... lomas.html
Most of the links you see on the front page of google about Stephen J
Arnett are fakes created to hide his true nature. He is a liar and scammer of
the worst sort. I bought into his lies and did work for him and in the end he
scammed me too.
stephenjarnett12/31/2007 9:16 AM


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