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Why online Network Marketing is best for *newbies*

StephenClarkStephenClark subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2009 in Selecting a Business
I have been around the block when it comes to various business
opportunities, like most veteran marketers here, and I wanted to share
my opinion and thoughts as to why I would have started in online
network marketing a LONG time ago if I knew what I know now. First let me say that I am in no way promoting my own programs with
this thread, but more trying to save the up-and-comers some time, money
and frustration. I am merely promoting the industry as a whole. The main benefit is the simple fact that the upline sponsor has a
residual financial interest in the success of his/her team members.
Someone starting out brand new can get connected with an experienced
mentor that knows how to lead that person to success. Too many times I remember feeling so lost in this huge world of
internet marketing. With all the "code-breaking" products, and
millionaire gurus out there saying their product is the best, I didn't
know which way was up. One thing that I wished I always had was a personal coach and mentor
that I could call up or email anytime, and would get specific and
personalized advice for my specific situation or question. Network marketing is the only real place I could easily find that. It
provides a complete "system in a box", if you will, along with the
tools and training necessary to make it work for them. In essence, it keeps people from having to jump from product to product
trying to find the missing puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces are already
all there, the person just needs to put it together. The next reason for my belief in this industry is that a good program
will provide a completely functional and high converting sales funnel,
personalized for you. Now, I still am a big believer in branding yourself, and not stay with
the cookie-cutter site forever, but it will at least get a newb off to
an immediate start and give them a chance to start getting their feet
wet with some marketing of their new site. On a brief side note, that reminds me of something that held me back in
the beginning. I never really understood the importance of an effective
sales funnel. I always thought I could just post my landing page, leading to a sales letter, and the millions would come pouring in. Anyways, I just thought this might help give some direction to anyone
that may be kind of in limbo with what exactly they want to focus on. To your success, Stephen Clark


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