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Investing in Magic

JStenkampJStenkamp subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2009 in Startup Funding
I recently posted a Forum about the difficulty of creating a business plan for a traveling illusion show. I have finally put together a small business plan that covers all the information needed to show investors. the issue i am now having is finding an investor that will actually fund a $50,000 illusion show. since i am only 20 years of age it is difficult for me and my partner to apply for a loan since i have no real Credit of my own. I am searching for an investor to fund the amount requested of 50,000.00 the investor will have a 11% interested rate making there return after 36 months about 68,000.00 in Florida this is very hard to locate a investor interested. So if any one has any information for me that could be help full i would greatly appreciate it. The longer i wait for the funds the small the window of performance will be due to the seasons magic falls under. Most of the year college shows are the most profitable venues. Summer and Winter seasons is when the cruise lines are making the most money. the sooner the funding, the faster we can make a profitable show.


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    After reading your post, I`d say that you need to be more Capital Ready. For example, you indicate that you are seeking investors - but your "proposal" says you want a loan. Since you don`t mention a company - it will have to be a personal loan.
    There are a significant number of  "accredited investors" in Florida. You`ll have better responses if you package your deal in a way that makes it "attractive.
    Do you have any performance commitments?
  • GTOptionsGTOptions subscriber Posts: 0
    Today there are so many options of investing and making some good return or profit. Before investing in any field it would be good having the knowledge about it, as you are investing your own hard money. Forex Options
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It's hard to fund something that is intangible.
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