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good afternoon my name is bart and Iamnew to startupnation,however I thought Iwould say hello to inspire some creative and intellectual feed-back. Myfield of expertise is ophthalmic research. I have developed a product of significant importance in the realm of eye protection and the visionary field of vision. To increase ones` depth perception and to elevate your night vision ability. I would love to hear from our group your need`s and your issues pertaining to this topic.


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    Tell us more. Had a detached retina issue in 2004 - lost about 70% vision in my left eye. Was hell for about a year and a half but don`t throw a pity-party for me - lots of folks in worse shape than me. Actually, the damn thing detached twice - the second time after going through extensive laser treatment and then the gas bubble injection and sleeping sitting up, etc - you probably know the drill. But by the time it detached the second time (obviously the first treatment exercises didn`t work). there was way too much damage to the macula. Game over.
    Give us more info. I, for one, am interested.
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