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Social Networks for Conferences

tonystubblebinetonystubblebine subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2007 in Website Critique
I built a social networking company, CrowdVine, that lets anyone create a social network in a matter of minutes. We`re getting ready to launch a secondary product built on top of it, Social Networks for Conferences.http://www.crowdvine.com/conferences/
When you add a social network to a conference you add an incredible opportunity for the attendees to build professional relationships and networks at your event. We`ve tested the software at ten conferences so far, and the response has been consistently great.
Now we want to turn it into a product with a clear story. Unfortunately marketing isn`t our strong point (we`re two people with software engineering backgrounds). Design is a bit of a challenge also. We had a professional designer for our last product, but I did this one myself.
My questions for the SUN community are:
Does it appeal visually?
Does the product make sense? Do you understand what to do if you want to add a network to your conference?tonystubblebine11/6/2007 1:38 PM


  • SandraPSandraP subscriber Posts: 3
    The concept is definitely intriguing and it is visually appealing. I think I enter a conference name and hit "start" to get started?
    Seriously, I am a rookie in this area and would like to know more but I need a visual and I think a lot of people are this way. Maybe a guided tour?
    I think you are on to something there, though - good luck!
  • tonystubblebinetonystubblebine subscriber Posts: 1
    Sandra, thanks for the feedback. We have two services and I think that`s confusing. We have a simple self-service option for conferences with limited budgets who want to try something simple, and we have a full-featured service where we do the site setup, customize it to look like the existing conference site, and provide a community manager to build the online community before the conference. 
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