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Secrets About Landing Pages Revealed!

greggaskillgreggaskill subscriber Posts: 5
edited February 2009 in Marketing
Landing pages are multi- tasking precious elements in a website.  Important quality time must be spent in creating a successful landing page which conveys your website`s goals, message, inspires action and leads the way.  Effective landing pages ensure quality content for your website.
In order to create a top landing page, put yourself in your clients` shoes and honestly define what you would want to find and get when clicking on your link, and give it to them straightforward; otherwise, be prepared to be closed and substituted by a more powerful link.
When reading your website`s landing page, users must immediately understand how you can help them and their response must get you closer to your goal.  Remember that virtual communication must be direct, concise, clear and very useful, thus, any landing page should assist your goals and your clients in this ways.
Do not worry! The secret is being revealed... follow this advice when creating a landing page and experience huge success.  This is where the majority of landing pages commonly fail, so gain a competitive advantage right away.
- A landing page should contain a complete sales process.  From offering a product or service, to holding the client`s attention, captivating him or her and eventually inspiring some action, the landing page is where your website`s strongest message and ability should be.
- In a few seconds you gain or lose a client.  When the customer scans the landing page, he must be able to identify significant factors that convince him or her to stay.
- The landing page is your introduction letter to new visitors.  Before knowing what your site is all about and how you can help them, they will be scanning your landing page, so direct it towards new clients; choose your vocabulary and explanations carefully to aim at them.  Your returning customers already know all about you and will go straight to the page that serves them.
Once you master and develop a professional landing page, you can enhance it even more with special design tricks like this:
- Look professional.  The landing page gives your company`s first impression in front of new clients, so make it credible.  Double check grammar and spelling, formatting and spacing and use a clean and clear font in a friendly size.  Colors and use of space say a lot about professionalism too, so, if in doubt, remember, less is more.  Make sure your landing page design fits and empowers the industry your company belongs to.
- Portray your reputation.  Show new customers your worth through testimonials, credentials, titles, badges or any other symbol that certifies the quality of your products or services.  
- Confirm everything works.  Links and images must be working impeccably.  Make sure your landing page is supported by different browsers so that everyone can see it well.
- Simplify.  Let the content be king on the landing page.  Support your message, don`t jinx it.  Forget about distractions; links to other pages, logo, brands, images, videos or special offers and help your potential clients focus.  Keep it simple to maximize the space devoted to the offer and benefits and only use the above if they efficiently support the message.   
- Keep consistent and honest communication.  Always focus the landing page on the message you sent through the advertisement; use the same language, keywords, images and phrases in both to ratify its importance, and only make promises you can or intend to keep.  Speak in your market`s language to hit them accurately, communicate the benefits and not the characteristics, people buy what serves them, not what looks great.      
- Make it personal.  If possible, include your client`s name in the landing page, people feel important and valuable when a meaningful message is delivered specially for them.
- Organize the information.  Key information should go on top.  Make it easy to read by writing small paragraphs with simple vocabulary, use colors to emphasize important terms or phrases and aid on scanning the text and images to support the message.  Clearly portray your call to action so that clients identify fast how to get your offer and give them several ways to buy, some people do not like to buy via the web.
- Design simple forms.  Make it easy for the client to fill the required forms to get the products.  Ask only the necessary information and do not get too personal.  Use standard design for buttons, links and such to avoid loosing the client while he discovers how things work in your site.
There you go!  You`re set to develop a winning landing page, sure to get you many new customers and keep them satisfied and coming back for more.
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