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Need marketing ideas

enfolditenfoldit subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Marketing
On a strictly mental level, I understand that to effectively market my business I need to find my customers, find out where they congregate, and make myself known to them. Problem being that I have 2 different aspects of the business. One, small business computer services, is so broad that finding the customers feels like shooting buck shot. The other, high-end hosting consultancy, is so narrow and dependant on timing that finding the people is really quite difficult.
Right now, I`m doing a referal business on both, and that works OK with a little trolling the papers and Craigslist.org for leads. I`m not too impressed with the results. So How would you go about and target your marketing?


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    enfolditenfoldit subscriber Posts: 1
    Both good ideas... As for the web site, it is currently under construction. We`ve not really gone live yet, and the copy righting is being done as I speak.
    For the search phrases:

    Massachusetts|Worcester|Boston computer consulting
    Application hosting
    Manged servers
    After doing this excersize, I realize that those phrases don`t exist very much on the stie.
    Finding the niche is the hard part... our market differentiator is that we offer complete solutions at flat rate pricing. You need 5 machines taken care of? $XXX.95 a month, includes all maintenance and reporting, plus we redesign it so it will be less likely to break. Need to upgrade all the hardware, too? $YYY.95 a month, includes all waranty support for as long as you got the stuff.
    Point being, I`m still unsure of where to go from there. Doing it all myself is a pain, but finding a good marketing comany is fairly expensive. I`m not sure it would be cost effective to make a package tailored for, say, Accounting firms, then use direct mail to get them to us, or better to take out an ad in Mass Accounting.
    Any way, thanks all for the help. I guess it`s time to finish up the web site.enfoldit2007-4-12 11:7:24
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    ethnicommethnicomm subscriber Posts: 1
    Do you know which keywords are converting into a sale? If so, incorporate those words into your SEO strategy - the  obvious ones like  application servers are too generic. After a few months, take a look again at what keywords are converting. Add new ones - you should be continually refining this list.
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