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Building Targeted Website Traffic

profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
Building targeted web traffic extends beyond the `norm` of creating a website and submitting it everywhere.  Sometimes you need to look deeper into other ways to drive more traffic to your website - become more creative.
One way, in addition to the traditional route, is to step back and use a magnifying glass on your website`s content to find its other strengths and drive traffic using another route which is (READ MORE...)Check out my profile to see links to `LIVE` software examples, techniques and more...
Also, read the article, Web - Common Misconception #1: "Build a website; they will come..."
See you again, soon!
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profitizer8/4/2008 3:51 PM


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    posylaneposylane subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with your premise – simple web URLs are more agreeable to people and Google.  Unless you have a deep product list and a marketing budget to go with it, you will miss a lot of “free” Google advertising that goes with having your keywords as part of your URL.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    If you are looking to build targetted website traffic, I highly recommend using SBI (see the third link below).  Websites are not like brick and mortar stores where "they will come if you build it"....with websites you need to optimize your site as much as you can for search engines to take advantage of all the free traffic.
    SBI coaches you on how to precisely do this.  they are in business mainly to help webmasters like you and I drive targeted traffic to our niches.  SBI includes a keyword research tool as well as many other tools that will guide you step by step in establishing your website and how to drive traffic to it. 

    The best part is that most of the optimization work is done by SBI automatically in the background so that all you have to do is focus on creating quality content.
    Hope that helps
    WebJunky8/5/2008 2:18 AM
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    ronypaulronypaul subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey sujith34,
    You have providing very important information for getting targeted traffics for your website.I think most effective techniques are: blog commenting,forum posting,press release submission,social media marketing and bookmarking etc. They are very useful for increasing the traffics for your website.
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    wmingzhenwmingzhen subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, www.resources8.net site. This is a free network resource site about earnning money online. Tell you some ways to work at home and earn money from the internet web.
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    Webhosting1Webhosting1 subscriber Posts: 0
    There are many ways to increase your website traffic.
    -Use unique content in article,blogs by social networking site.
    -Blog comment
    -Forum posting
    -Social bookmarking
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    esprintguyesprintguy subscriber Posts: 0
    Email marketing is indeed an effective technique for driving more targeted traffic to your site. However effective it may have been for others, it may not be the same with you. You have to make sure that you are doing the marketing in a proper way like focusing on your customers, etc.
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    transpanishtranspanish subscriber Posts: 1
    - SEO
    - backlinks
    - article distribution
    - social media marketing, and then, some more social media marketing.
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    normanyclarknormanyclark subscriber Posts: 0
    According to me for increasing the targets website traffic,you should perform all internet marketing strategies which include SEO activities,PPC, Email marketing and social media marketing. They are most beneficial for increasing the quality traffics for your website.
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    alfiealfie subscriber Posts: 0
    Yeah, I agree with the information which you have given above, forums,blog comments, press release is very important for getting targetting traffic to your website. If you are posing your comments relevant to your category then you can get targeted traffic to your website.
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    ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
    Building focused on web movement reaches out past the `norm` of making a site and submitting it all around. Here and there you have to look further into different approaches to drive more activity to your site - turn out to be more inventive.
    Email promoting is in fact a powerful system for driving more focused on activity to your site. However compelling it might have been for others, it may not be the same with you. You need to ensure that you are doing the promoting appropriately like concentrating on your clients, and so forth.
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