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Increase `Web Traffic` with these Google Applications!!!

profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
edited January 2012 in Marketing
I finally took the plunge and added another Google application - this time to a different website.
This particular Google video application will undoubtedly drive more traffic to my website over time and to others` website if they choose to add one of their own, also. I`ve added a different Google video application elsewhere and like it also.
The functionality of it is by far much better than I thought it would be and therefore, I am pleasantly surprised!
I hope you like them both and use bells-and-whistles applications in your web design as another avenue to increase your website`s traffic.ENJOY!


  • profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
    Hi Chris.
    Website `stickiness` is created depending on the specific videos you add to your website. Some folks use others` creation while others create their own.  Either way, it must be something that someone wants to see.
    I`ve see really good videos both with and without sound, as e.g. a business slide presentation in video format. 
    As you see via the link I referenced above in this thread called `Google Video Application`, I chose various popular and informative topics.  That is what that API does.
    If the video is really good, like the babies on skates that`s very popular right now, it has the potential to go `viral` whereby others may want to add it to their website or pull someone`s coat tail in an E-mail, etc. If you created one, like most folks, you could include your web address either at the beginning or end of the video to draw traffic back to your website.
  • profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member

    See more examples of Google applications that can be added to web pages.
    This time `games` have been added. Again, this is another way to add `stickiness` to a website as well as to drive in more traffic.
    At least for now, the Google-based games page with PacMan, Tetris, Hangman, Sodoku et al. is linked to the front page at http://www.WebsiteTrafficRepair.comGoogle Talk is also added to again, provide stickiness and drive traffic to a website.
    Even a business website could use a game somewhere as a way to relax your visitors after they see what you have to offer. ENJOY!...more to come...
  • sujith34sujith34 subscriber Posts: 0
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