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Does "Business Card Marketing" really work???

profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
edited June 2009 in Marketing
We all know that having business cards help to accelerate business growth, especially when designed properly, contains the necessary information, and given to the right people (target market).But, what can be done to boost their effective even more - or is it possible?
You may want to check out this article to see how another business card marketing strategy is readily available to enhance your business card as an effective marketing tool. Article:  ???Does Business Card Marketing really work???
Over the years, I`ve been contacted via ALL methods I`ve added to my business card. I`m still using the methods today mentioned in that article.Q: Do you find your business card effective enough to motivate others to contact you through the phone number, E-mail address, and FAX number found on your business card?  Which method do you find works the best? Which method do you think needs improvement?
I believe those who contacted me via FAX knew it would catch my attention right away.
I`d like to hear from you, too.profitizer6/19/2009 11:36 PM


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    profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
    Excerpt from forum thread "Web Designer or Webmaster -- Which one do I need?":
    ...P.S.S. Also, check out the topic "Does "Business Card Marketing" really work???"
    in StartupNation`s Marketing Forum. This has been a controversial
    subject for many years for many reasons.  Some business folks swear by
    handing out business cards while others believe it is a big waste of
    time and hard-earned money. What do you think?  Do business cards work
    for you in your marketing efforts?  Feel free to  provide your opinion
    in that forum topic.  Have fun with this one, too!

    James` response from that same thread:
    so, should we STOP having business cards made?  What should I say when somebody asks me for my business card?

    Hi James.
    The purpose of this thread is to see what folks have experienced in using business cards as part of their marketing efforts.  Whether it works well for them or not or not well enough, hopefully they`ll share that information with all of us here. Maybe everyone can gain even more mileage out of business card marketing.
    For example, have they tried different business card designs or even testing different card stock, color, embossing, vertical vs. horizontal, fonts, etc.? Did adding a well-designed logo help in its response? Was it the type of information included e.g. added and/or tested various versions of their motto? Did they include various communication options for others to be able to easily contact them? Did they have a website address for additional information? Was it how they described their products and services? Do they think it was directly tied to the type/marketability and/or pricing of their products and services?  Had they tried integrating business card marketing with FAX marketing? Was it something else or are they baffled at why it is not effective enough?
    If I interpret  your reply correctly, if your business cards aren`t working well enough for you, hopefully you`ll find additional information in this thread. I believe that not using business cards is counter-productive to the growth of any businesses.
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    anthony2313anthony2313 subscriber Posts: 1

    you should take alook at drop cards
    they can be very effective
    Especially the ones that look like 100 dollar
    bills.....if you don't know what i'm talking about
    you can take alook below


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