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Fax Marketing & Fax-to-Email Services

profitizerprofitizer subscriber Posts: 16 Bronze Level Member
edited November 2009 in Marketing
I`ve been using Fax-to-Email services for nearly 10 years now and used to do fax marketing using fax broadcasting.  It actually worked quite well using opt-in customer fax lists. 
My business is different now than in those early years, but I`m again looking to utilize fax marketing via fax broadcasting for a product and service I`m looking at adding. I`ve heard that there are a number of good lists out there which are current but I haven`t researched it lately for prices and what they offer.  Fax broadcasting using the Fax-to-Email service is quite common now which makes it even more attractive for me to consider it again.Questions: 
1) Are you utilizing fax broadcasting for marketing your products and services? 
2) Do you know where to get viable current opt-in fax lists either with or without the delivery service?  I mainly like to do the sending myself by using my subscribed Fax-to-Email service. That way, I can do it my way and gather various types of data I`m interested in at the time as the data is what helps improve the results the next go-round.
3) Are you using Fax-to-Email?
4) How do you like either or both fax marketing and Fax-to-Email?
5) For those who haven`t tried either one nor both, would you consider it?
For those who aren`t familiar, there are laws to abide by.  Here is a link from Wikipedia called "Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991" if you`d like to take a look.  There may be more updated information out there, also.
Generally, if it`s opt-in or if the fax marketing communication is not considered unsolicited (existing clients are typically not considered unsolicited), etc., then it should be fine.  It still pays to double-check e.g. the company providing the lists. profitizer6/16/2009 4:38 PM


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