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BenihanaBenihana subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Sales
Hey guys we just came back from our presentation(well flew back last night). So here is a quick overview of what happened.Because of the rules I do have to leave out our products ,but what I can tell you is that you eat it on food.LOL. Anyhow here it goes.
We arrived around 3 p.m. yesterday for our 4p.m. appointment. (Everyone that we met from QVC were a class act. )We were told to go through the first line that lead to a video. This video showed what you need to do to present your product. Next we waited in the next line to register. Being that we were a food product our wait was very minimal after our registration. Our next step was to setup our table with our presentation. We had 2 other women with products next to us. Both were ahead of us. My fiancee` and I carefully watched while the QVC rep listened and wrote down information about their products. Each of the ladies with their products had about 10 minutes a piece with the QVC rep. Next it was our turn. She picked up our folder and proceeded to read over our information.  The rep then walked up shook my hand and I showed her my pearly whites and upbeat attitude(throughout our presentation) . She said "Well it looks as if you have ____ Sauce. I said yes. behind our products were the awards that we had recieved for them from World Known events (we placed 2nd in the world out of over 600 products). The Qvc rep asked why I did this and  I said "Because this is my passion, what I wake up for, and for my family to have a future. So you wake up and love ___ Sauce? she said." Yes   , and I love the way that the wood smells in the morning when it is burning(this obviously has something to do with my product), I replied. I asked what else she would like to know and she said "All I need to know is about your passion and what it means to you, and both are very evident!  She went on to say that it would be difficult to push my product through, but not impossible. She had pushed another food product through and now its doing incredible. She also asked about pricing, where it was sold, and what their cost was. After this I asked her if she would like to sample it. She could not sample it on food, so we gave her a disposable spoon to try it. I opened the jar she took a huge whif, and tasted it. A smile came to her face and she said that it was excellent. Then said that what she liked the most was the sweetness that it had to it. I offered her an order of events for our products, and she that she would not need it now, but   in a few weeks when they contact me and she stopped herself and said if  we choose your products then we will ask for all of your info. I thanked her she thanked us and wrote a number three at the top right hand corner of our folder and circled it. So now my question is What does the Number 3 Mean?  Somebody please let me know any thoughts and possibly what it means. Thanks and if I can offer any input let me know.
Have a great day.
P.S. Our presentation lasted 20 minutes a bit longer than normal.


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