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Hello,I recently have decided to be a sales person for a foreign manufacturer rather than directly importing the goods.  I think this is a better choice for my life at the moment since I can`t spend 100% time on the business if I become an importer and it gives me more flexiblities.  However, I am having a hard time to crack into the field.The products I`m trying to sell are galvanized zinc, ceramics, bamboo planters for both indoor/outdoor decorations.  I have contacted more than a dozen nurseries, landscape, gardening businesses but I did not even get a simple reply, even if it is a "no, thanks".  I know it is not easy to have a sales lead but then I also want to know if I do things right, and not wasting my time.  I appreciate any suggestions.Thanks,Stanley
espressog2006-9-24 1:8:51
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