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Stone Walling Cleints

SrideviSridevi subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2006 in Sales
I work in a hotel in Kerala inIndia. we have two companies which patronize us for the their room bookings. However with two new hotels opening in the vicinity, there are chances of us losing a certain part of the share. Other than Keeping teh users, Decision MAkers and teh bookers happy. Can any one suggest some more ways to keep them with us.


  • SrideviSridevi subscriber Posts: 1
    I want to know what strategies that i can adopt to retain the clients. Our service standards are good. In terms of rates and extra benefits, we have been very liberal with these companies. Would you be able to suggest some more ways.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Sridevi... I think you need to learn more about your competition... or at least provide those details here. I would suggest calling a competitor and act like you are a potential, long-term business opportunity. Learn what they are offering to your current customers.Then provide something in addition. The "one up on you" tactic may not work if you are already "giving" everything possible. It may be as simple as letting your current guests know that you REALLY appreciate their patronage. Actually tell your customers how important they are and that you would like to continue to accommodate them in the best possible manner. In my opinion, the first step would be research. Then speaking to the people you find most important. Your clients.
  • SrideviSridevi subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you very much for your suggestion. It is very useful. I will let you know when I find out a more about the new customers.
  • StuartCalgaryStuartCalgary subscriber Posts: 1
    When I travel I stay at Faimount Hotels and Hilton`s in North America.  It is always good to have a back up.
    The reason are simply.  I have a membership priveledges in their points programs and I receive additional benefits for being a member.
    They have exceptional service, the rooms are standard basically across the majority of the hotels and they cater to my needs.
    It is simply, take care of your clients, and it turn they will take care of you!
    Stuart CrawfordCalgary, Albertahttp://www.calgarysmbshow.com</A>
  • SrideviSridevi subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for the idea. We already have loyaly program for the bookers. Yes we definitely can look at devicing a guest loyalty program. Being associated to our patronising company, the guests are entitled to certain benefits and priorities.
    We definitely understand the value of keeping guests happy. As it is reightly said, one guest happy means five more guests we will get.
  • conciergeladyconciergelady subscriber Posts: 4
    You could always ask for suggestions how to improve your services,  what would have made their stay more enjoyable or what would make them come back. You can do this either with a survey via snail mail or email or just a plain old suggestion box placed on the front desk.  Do you provide concierge services, if so maybe you can improve on that like offering services before your guests even have to ask for them. I have been reading a lot about how hotels now are nickeling and diming the guests for every possible service or product. Maybe you could include a few things that your competitors dont. What about a monthly newsletter that you could email to your guests telling them about discounted services or something special each month that you are offering.  Maybe include some local events that would be interesting to them.  How about starting a tickler file with their personal information such as their profession, birthdays. anniversaries. Then mail them a coupon for special rates for their birthday and anniversary. If your hotel is sponsering an event that has anything to do with their profession, let them know.  People like to feel they are special and want to be treated as such....even if your rates are the same as your competitors and the services you can be successful by letting them know how important they are to you and your business. Thats just my 2 cents.
  • SrideviSridevi subscriber Posts: 1
    Thnak you for teh idia. We do not have a conceirge service but we have a One Stop Shop service concept. We also have a quaterly new letter which talks of what the hotels in our chain have done in last three. Months.
    We completely understand the importance of service to the guests. Does any one think giving emplyee incentives to that company interm of some dinner or stay vouchers for the company for every fixed number of room nights ( say complimentary dinner coupons for 10 people for every 50 room nights produced by them) produced by the company will help.
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