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Need help with starting a business geared towards kids.

WonderBoy11WonderBoy11 subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2009 in Selecting a Business
Mom in law owns a daycare with about 150 kids.  We live in a small town.  She also has a indoor gym detached from the daycare.  She uses the gym during the week for after school kids.  She has pool table and adjustable basketball goal in the gym.  She also has place to sit for eating ect in the gym along with music ect.  
Im looking for ideas of how I can use what she has for a weekend part time business.  I thought about buying inflatables and putting them inside like twice a month ect.  Im not sure how that would work with her insurance ect.  Also looking at what startup costs ect could would be.Anyone have any other ideas of how i could use this for a part time business?  I have a 4 year old so I would also be able to involve him also.


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    incredibleoneincredibleone subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes, renting the space out for parties and other activities is a great idea. If you have any game consoles like Playstation, XBox, or Wii- you could have  like a tournement everyweekend and charge a fee.
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    WonderBoy11WonderBoy11 subscriber Posts: 1
    I was thinking of maybe putting some bouncies in there are rent it out for birthday parties ect.  I had not thought of the xbox ect game consoles for tourneys.  She has the old consoles.  I guess would it be best to advertise say a Madden 09 tourney at $10 each to enter.  Winner takes home xxxx amount of money.  I provide food ect for the event?  Maybe divide it up into age groups?
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    MyMarketEASEMyMarketEASE subscriber Posts: 1
    The ideas submitted, including yours, are very good.  I`d like to suggest that since you live in a small town, you should reach out to the community and find out what they would be interested in.  Perhaps you`ve already identified a need (hence the inflatables idea), but if you`re not sure of the interest, conduct a quick survey of the families in your town.  It could be as simple as collecting responses at an upcoming town event.  Find out what they think they need, and you`ll have your weekend idea.
    Good luck.
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    MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I love incredibleone and wonderboy`s ideas on the gym usage.
    Perhaps your mother-in-law can cross sell this service to her customers? Maybe in exchange for a commission?
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    WonderBoy11WonderBoy11 subscriber Posts: 1
    We have a local rec center.  However they charge $150 to rent the building, $x amount for kitchen usage, and $x to have the bouncers set up.  Im thinking research that site since its a public facility, and compare prices.  We have a few people that rent out the inflatables just for parties ect, but no one othet than this one place that has facility and inflatables as a combo.
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