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has anyone heard of nation grants

keljkelj subscriber Posts: 1
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  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    No I haven`t. I did a search and nothing came up.
    How did you come in contact with them?
  • keljkelj subscriber Posts: 1
    i went to a seminar on them in rockford il.  here is their email address  [email protected]</A>  they tell me they do not recieve my business plan that i send. i also sent a copy my mail and all i get is the runaround.  their phone number is 1-888-809-5074 if anyone has dealings with them please let me know
  • keljkelj subscriber Posts: 1
    i am trying to get the funding to buy a business that is making a great profit,but needs some TLC and some new blood to run it.  i haven`t got the best credit so i need help and am trying to get some grants or loans with very low rates.  i have the knowledge and experience to do very well with this business,but not the funds to get started.  i was looking to angel investors or any type of help with this
  • CiCi25CiCi25 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey there, did you by chance mean National Grants Conferences? I am currently working with them, and here is the link that will lead you to their members website:
    It can be a bit confusing because they tell you to go to [email protected]</A>, but you actually have to go to the link above for their members website- I believe they said it takes 7-14days to review all business plans for perfection, after that the plan is sent over to a team of experts for review, if nothing needs to be corrected they move forward and send it over to the reasearch team who then locates specific grants for you. I would advise you to contact a counselor to follow up on your status. All the contact, and process information would be contained in the materials you received from the conference!
    Hope that helps!
    Have a great day.
  • txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    i would be careful - sounds almost like a scam or at least a way to part nice people from their money.after a brief search on google found this from people who attended a conference. http://www.foreclosures.com/www/pages/g ... id.asp?gID =57
  • CiCi25CiCi25 subscriber Posts: 0
    Caution is always a great thing. However with NGC once you pay for the materials there are no further costs because it includes the assistance, of grant and/or loan findings. Actually they assist you with "how" to fill out the paper work, applications and grant proposals. A lot of information for grant state and local funding is listed in the you materials you purchase, the only thing they are there for after that is to help you in the application process.  But it is a good thing to be cautious. CiCi252007-10-26 4:30:38
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