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3 Basic Steps Improve Startup Success in 30min

DrSpruceDrSpruce subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Marketing
In Chronological Order: 1. Traditional/Web Advertising and Marketing should be afterthoughts.
They mean nothing without a solid infrastructure. Create a strong/large
base of associates. Not at some "small talk", "lets chat" flavor of the
week networking site. I suggest:

referralkey.com (free) or powerexchange07.com (free)

2.Call upon the vast network you have developed. Alert your network of
your intentions. Ask them to direct traffic, favors, and any relevant
information to you. (You will do the same in return for them when they
call upon you)

3. Now you actually have something tangible. (so to speak). In some
small way you might actually be worth something to a prospective
visitor/client/customer. Now you are ready for "pay per click" Google
Adsense, Google  Adwords, SEO and all the others joys of putting
yourself out there.

Remember follow this order. I`ve been involved with highly funded
websites with tens of thousands of visitors and seen them topple 
because they didn`t develop a network of trusted associates. It`s not
1999 and  "a website and a jingle" will not ensure success we have
learned and realize that preliminary methodical structuring pays off.
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