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What to do with the space office?in m

DocOcDocOc subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in Selecting a Business
I am a family chiropractor and recently let go my massage therapist. I no longer wish to have a non employee in the space and am wondering if anyone knows of any new business I can start up in the space......or if anyone has any new and unique revenue generating ideas for the space which is a private office about 12x12.....


  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    No replies ? Well I don`t have a specific suggestion but I would say keep it related to your business. I know you had massage, which I think would compliment your business. Some thoughts:  When I think of chiropractic care I think of Health supplements, supplements to support imune system, bones, joints, etc. I also think of clients being older, not able to get around so easily.....back supports, walking canes, theraputic mattresses / pillows, ointments for muscles/joints ?   Hope this helps a little.
  • Saber102Saber102 subscriber Posts: 2
    Oops !  Insensitive, not PC...umm...sorry Janie...how about `more mature` ? I`m 46, so I`m not a spring chicken and I know people of all ages need chiropractic help. I guess DocOc will know his patients better than anyone. And Doc, Janie is absolutely right about it being an `easy sale`. On the surface that may sound like you`re just out for the $$, but in reality, helping others, and making a profit is a perfect combination. You feel good about yourself, other people feel better, and you make some dough !
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