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edited March 2009 in Website Critique
What is the Over60Exchange? Quite simply, the Over60Exchange is about RE-INVENTING life.  We are helping thousands of people become better prepared for the challenges of growing older in these rapidly changing times.  For the first time on the Internet, the Over60Exchange is evolving in to the first virtual community where Boomers and seniors can share and receive invaluable information on how to make these the best years.  When you become a member, you will observe and have a chance to participate in this virtual community where people preparing for the future is the focus.  JOINING IS FREE, but do not mistake free for lack of value.
At the Over60Exchange, we believe there are 3 types of people:
   1.  Those that make things happen.
   2.  Those that have things happen to them.
   3.  Those that stand around and ask, "What is Happening?"
We anticipate that Over60Exchange members will be those who want to make things happen and who desire to be empowered with the ability to make sound decisions based on fact and understanding.  The goal at the Over60Exchange is to provide you an ever growing stream of information to help you best manage your life, and in this process, receive tools to RE-INVENT life. 
Any person with a desire to remain active and informed can  become a member.  You are invited to look around the web site.  This is a new site, so new things and technology is being added every day!
Thanks for visiting http://www.Over60Exchange.com.  look forward to your input.
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