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I recently launched Confadate, an online dating security web site.  We offer men and women the opportunity to have a "Pre-date" background check conducted by a licensed private investigators before meeting someone for the first time.  Everybody says that this is a great idea.  Visit our site at</A> to learn all that we offer.
I am open to any suggestions on how best to market Confadate-on a budget!!!!!
Thanks in advance


  • SandyPISandyPI subscriber Posts: 8
    Thanks,I`ll look in to it. By a place do you mean an additional web site?   No I am not trying to plug into paranoia, but offer a dater an opportunity to be smart.  Confadate got it`s start after I did a background check on a guy that my adult daughter met on a major dating web site...he had an outstanding warrents for assault and domestic violence in two states.  Thank heaven she was smart.
    Thanks again
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    Good post
    stevens5/6/2009 6:25 PM
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