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hacker free verification

sooonsooon subscriber Posts: 5
hi guys,do any of you know where should we go to  to verify our website security issue??I seen some sites with this "Hacker Free" logo. not sure where to get this.by the way, are that a free service?thanks!


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Hacker safe
    Some people think posting "hacker safe" logo on your site is like asking hacker to kit you really really hard.
    Certainly, it may make people more at ease making a transaction. But, transactions may still be at risk depending upon the method used (email versus ssl).
    ~Rolandvwebworld2007-7-7 3:22:31
  • sooonsooon subscriber Posts: 5
    hi guys,yes i m building the website myself. I m a web designers for many years and picking up server end scripting since last year.i am working on the online retailing which was builded from scratch all by myself. but I need to know if at least i done the basic security.hi Roland, thanks for that one. i will take a look. but are they free??
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Soon,depending on who you buy your SSL cert from, they will provide you with a free "Hacker Safe" or "Trusted Logo", I know GEO TRUST gives you one, and KOMODO SSL`s. Verisign does too. But no they are not free, they come with the purchase of an SSL which you will need since you are creating a Shopping Cart and Im assuming that you will be collecting customer`s information.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    hi Roland, thanks for that one. i will take a look. but are they free??
    No. not free. I don`t know of a free "hacker free" certification
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I skipped the sales purchase of a "hacker safe" badge. After doing some research (talking in person with online shoppers, reading about online sales figures, observing the banking industries approach and confidence in transaction over the web, +)... I have come to the conclusion that a "hacker safe` badge was a waste of money. (I hope no one here works for them of vigorously endorses their use... Not trying to anger, I just have an opinion.)1. I am not a likely targetI don`t have millions of transactions per month or year. I do not retain complete customer information online.2. Even the banks are doing itBanks use internet technology to finalize billions of dollars of sales a month. They even ensure online transaction of their card holders.3. Professionals designed ElusiveTreasures.comThe security side of ElusiveTreasures.com was designed by qualified professionals.4. I don`t want to be targeted by hackersI don`t want to be targeted by real hackers trying to show how easy it is to break into a "hacker safe" site.5. Customers don`t look for the hacker safe badgeNot having the badge doesn`t discourage a purchase. Having the badge doesn`t suddenly encourage purchase. Customers are more concerned about the product image or description being truthful, and whether or not they will get what they paid for... or was the product or price too good to be true?
  • sooonsooon subscriber Posts: 5
    hmm...seems like everyone have different opinion.but that is what i think too. I do not have millions of transaction per month. but just that i thought it will be nice if there is some particular organisation that doing all the test to see if there is basic security was done for the site.but now it seems like is all about money but not really the real security.but thanks for all the insights. I learnt something today.
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