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Google Idea Topic: When Entrepreneurs Compete We ALL Win

soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2008 in Selecting a Business
Hello Everyone,
Please provide your thoughts. Even if it`s very short. I am working with Google to get this idea funded and need to gather as many thoughts as possible before we roll this out.

Bidwilly is a place where all services become biddable. Its no longer just banks competing for lenders, or airlines and hotels competing for consumers, but now its every single service becoming 100% biddable.

The great thing about this new marketplace is that it’s free and we all have a chance to play in it. Small businesses, consumers, entrepreneurs, unemployed workers, whomever you are – if you have a skill that can make money, BidWilly is the place to turn those skills into cash.

The way it works is quite simple. Let’s say I’m looking for lawn care service. I simply go into the system, select lawncare, and instantly I will be matched to people in my area providing that service. After viewing their profiles and ratings, I then select the people I want to bid. The details I provide in my bid request may include the price I am willing to pay along with anything else I deem necessary to help with this bidding process.

From the business side of things, they would simply enter a short description of their bid response and the amount they would charge for the service. But before doing so, they’d have the chance to see what others have bidded – allowing for “real” competition. Businesses may modify their bid response up until bidding has closed.

While some services will require an onsite visit to the consumer, BidWilly provides huge incentives for businesses to enter their quote online instead of doing so verbally.

I like this idea because it puts millions of people back to work and gives more opportunities to the “little man”. One company stated that when banks compete we win, but I believe that its when everyone can compete is when we all win.




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