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How can a Social Marketplace Impact You and the Economy?

soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
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More than 760,000 jobs lost this year. Let`s incorporate real Change.
This year alone we have seen more than 760,000 jobs lost. It`s during times like this we need to explore new ways and strategies to put average Americans back to work. We need to find alternatives that would quickly allow for the unemployed to get back on their feet, pay their mortgages, and provide for their families. 
BidWilly believes that having a social marketplace is part of the answer to our growing economic problems. We believe that if we create a website where everyone(the unemployed, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers)can fight for the jobs of everyday consumers,  talented Americans can quickly get back to earning great wages.

Question: How would a social marketplace, where everyone(including you) can fight for the work of consumers, affect you and the economy?  

An Idea to Answering the Question: Think of such cases where a consumer may need a mechanic, a lawn man, or even  a tutor. Think of ANY service or need! Would more people become entrepreneurs in order to bid for these jobs? Would a mechanic that was recently laid off be able to easily get back to work by bidding on jobs from Average Americans? Would the cost of services be a lot less due to the open bidwars? Would more teenagers start their own businesses? Would more people in general own side businesses? Use whatever approach you like to answer the question.
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  • soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4

    nahtan, You have asked a series of question in which they call can be easily addressed. First, the concept I just provided was very high-level and did not dive into the details. But I`d like to do so now.
     In the case of a mechanic, many times the consumer has already gotten a quote from someone or had their vehicle diagnosed to know whats going on. Whether its written or verbal, the consumer has the ability to post any documents into the system to provide the mechanics  a better feel for the problem. Now that they have a feel for the issue, they can then send private messages to the consumer proposing to take a look at the vehicle. While it is true that they can provide a quote on the spot, it`s up to the "CONSUMER" to decide whether or not this quote should be communicated to the other mechanics. But If the consumer is comfortable with the verbal bid response, that is perfectly ok - the key is that a connection has been made and that everyone had a chance to go after the job.
    But remember, It is advantageous for all bids to run through the system for many reasons. The main reason is BidWilly`s incentive program. While BidWilly has the potential to become a billion dollar company, it will redistribute 95% of it`s profits back to the businesses that were active in the system. Our reason for doing this is because many companies or entrepreneurs will cut their profits just to help consumers. In this case, we want to give back to this entire community of entrepreneurs.
    While you make great points, we have been sure to address each of these in our business model. In particular, Standardization. You mentioned a flight is a flight, and a hotel room is a hotel room - also remember that a wall is a wall(for getting painted), a car is a car(for mobile detailing), a tutor is a tutor(given you have seen his credentials), a locksmith is a locksmith, and window tinting is window tinting. I could go on and on. While mechanical jobs are a lot harder to bid on yet still possible, you are forgetting about the thousands of biddable services that are out there.
    I`d love to hear your response to this.
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Did you say redistribute?
  • soloexsoloex subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes, BidWilly will distribute 95% of it`s profits back to businesses. Our goal is to help as many people as we can,  getting rich is not our objective.
  • infinique1infinique1 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I think it is a good initiative. There are too many people losing jobs by the hundreds of thousands every month.
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