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Entrepreneur friends,

write this post to introduce myself and my solution, which can be very helpful
to Small and Middle size companies during this Financial Crisis time.

Sujee Saparamadu, Co-Founder and CEO of OrangeHRM Inc.

Inc. is a highly flexible emerging organization in the area of Human Resource
Management. Being the provider of an Open Source HRM application,
OrangeHRM offers an array of modules, such as Personal Information Management,
Employee Self Service, Leave Management, Time and Attendance tracking, Health
Saving Plans and Recruitment, all free of charge and developed through other
open source applications. In addition, OrangeHRM offers an On-Demand solution -
a subscription-based hosted service that eliminates the need for installing and
maintaining the product internally and a Customization service in order to fit
perfectly the software usability and your specific needs.

Free availability, ease of installation and use, professional support
and customization services,

short development cycles, fast growth and the leveraging of collective
knowledge and intelligence, are just some of the factors encouraging SMEs
everywhere to choose OrangeHRM as the solution for managing their most valuable
resource – their people.

your small and middle company to the use of Open Source apps is the best way to
keep investments, save money and grow your productivity at the same time
abandoning the use of spreadsheets and all over work it creates.

fell free to contact us to any questions, doubt or requirements. The feedback
of the users and developers community is very important to keep the growing of
this tool (basically made by collaboration).


Sujee Saparamadu







+94-11-550-5500 (Asia)



538 Teal Plaza

Secaucus, NJ 07094

Open Source HR Management


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