How To Lower Your Insurance Premiums

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Hello everyone,Just to start off I own a business that creates gaming computers called Revenant PC (  We are a small business consisting of less than 20 people at the moment.  I offer a benefits package and of course I have to pay an annual premium for my employee`s benefits.I know a good portion of the members here own small to medium sized business and I just wanted to tell everyone about something I stumbled on a few weeks ago.I found a program called the Premium Reduction Kit and in the book it tells you how to save a lot of money on your annual premiums.  The book is easy to follow and it actually works.  Written by a commercial insurance broker who has worked in the field 20+ years, it turns out that most of us are overpaying for our employees insurance.  It will also save you a lot off Worker`s Compensation and product liability (if you sell a product could potentially be dangerous) if you offer those types of insurance too.All I can say is I was happy with my purchase and was definitely worth it.If anyone else is interested in a lot of money on their premiums (especially larger businesses) I would suggest you check it out here
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