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Smeedoo: Where homeschoolers connect

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edited April 2007 in Website Critique
Hello fellow homeschoolers,With the rise of niche social networking sites, I thought I would create one for homeschoolers. Smeedoo: Where homeschoolers connecthttp://www.smeedoo.comI
hope to create a focused and friendly environment, free from the less
desirable aspects of other social networks frequented by "socialized"
adolescents.  There is no cost to sign up and most of the
content can be accessed without registering.  If you register, you will
be able to create a blog, share pictures, create/participate in forums,
and create polls.  Please stop by and check it out!I used drupal to set up the site.  Right now it is pretty spartan on sex appeal, because my budget is limited.  Once it starts to pick up,  I have a mental roadmap for improving the site.  For example, when I get 100 registered users, I will get a professional logo, 1000 users and I will upgrade to dedicated server, etc...Thank you for taking the time to review my site!Thanks,Kevin


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    Thanks for the feedback, Craig!I am using Google Adwords, though not on my landing page, and an Amazon bookstore initially to generate revenue to support the site.  I am also pursuing an e-commerce site that will hopefully be a one-stop shop for the majority of the homeschoolers` needs.  I recently listened to a great interview on http://www.escapefromcubiclenation.com/about pursuing you passion.  My wife was chuckling in the background and wondering aloud if her guest, Dr. Srikumar Rao, was talking directly to me.  I hope this site will provide myself and other homeschooling entrepreneurs with a great place to exchange ideas, pursue passions, and see opportunities to help others pursue their passions.
    smeedoo2007-4-6 6:54:38
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    Thanks for the extra feedback, Craig.  I contacted Bryght.com, the company hosting my site, and they are looking into the performance issues.  Hopefully it won`t take much to resolve this issue.  If anyone has recommendations for hosting services, I would really appreciate it.I liked your recommendations and have implemented them.  The login is at the very top now, taking up less real estate.  The forums have a prominent space on the sidebar.  All the content is visible to unregistered users.  You only login if you want to contribute to the community.
  • smeedoosmeedoo subscriber Posts: 1
    I have added some content and moved things around a little.  I am a little limited by the templates available for my current hosting plan, but once things pick up I will have a little more flexibility over the overall look.  Right now I am spending most of my time getting the word out about the site.  Thanks for the great feedback.
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    Thanks, CraigL!  A ton of great feedback.  I have started sketching out ways to implement all of that, which in turn has spurned other ideas for the site.     I should have some of that framework in place in about a week.  I will probably look to getting some extra help once the site starts to get traction.  I have been getting hits daily and I have been working the SEO angle through my own legwork.  
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