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Need advice on funding options for Specialty Car

BaileyBladeBaileyBlade subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2008 in Startup Funding

Hello everyone…


I have been poking around here for a few days and finally thought I would make a first post and see what everyone’s advice is.


First a little background:


Well it’s a long story but in short, sometime mid last year I did a little self discovery and analyzed my life and what I really wanted to do with it, all my answers kept pointing at the same thing. The one thing that I always wanted to do was design and build my own sports car. I have been a car enthusiasts my whole life and one day I was having a conversation about my possibly building my own with a friend that owns his own race track country club and was also in the process of designing and building his dream car. The part that really struck me is that he said he waited 25 years to do this… even though he had the funds the whole time to do what ever he wanted. I said how can you wait so long when you had the means the whole time? Basically he said life gets in the way, running business, kids etc.


It was that day that I came home sat down and started to design my own car… I did not want to wait for life to get in the way or until I was too old to really enjoy it. So the design was conceived and now I have a full scale prototype in the garage… I have always been an entrepreneur in my heart and this just seems like my true calling.


Now that I have this concept, I am trying to bring it to life and while I am prepared to fund it entirely my self I would prefer to have funding to help with development, manufacturing and allow me to work fulltime on the project. I will develop this into a full scale specialty car company that will provide a few unique models. I have a lot of resources already at my figure tips, things like, a manufacturing facility, marketing, sales, and dealers.


I also have customers that are basically lined up and ready to give a down payment. I am still a year away from having the first prototype fully running and out on the test track. The car has received an overwhelming good response and my project has spread all over the world. Honestly I never expected to get this type of attention however I am taking advantage of it and using it to collect a customer base and sources for dealerships.


I have no idea how to go about getting Funding or Angel investors and am not really sure if it’s right for me… Like I said above I will fund it myself but fear that may take too long. I am already moving at a fast pace and just hate to slow down due to financial needs.


What options do you think would be best for me to pursue in a situation like this?


I hope everything made sense above I tried to keep it short…


If you want more information on the car and me then visit the website…


or do a search on Google for “Bailey Blade” and you will get tons of articles on it.


Thanks for any advice.


- Neal


  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    The car is beautiful. You have obviously done a lot of work to get the prototype complete. Congratulations on getting this far.
    Unfortunately, there is still a bit of work left to be done - to build the car and the company.
    For openers, do you have a plan that shows how much capital will be needed to deliver the first one?
  • BaileyBladeBaileyBlade subscriber Posts: 2

    Hi Robert,


    Thanks for the compliment… Yes I agree there is a ton let to do.


    As for the plan… well not exactly that is the information I am lacking, not so much the cost numbers but rather the education of building a plan. I do know the cost of materials for the car, and having body molds made and produced, and the parts in general. With this car I made sure to use standardized parts so that I would not have to manufacture many hi dollar items such as widow glass and door components etc.


    Honestly I have not started a written plan yet as I am unsure of the type of funding I need and simply how to write a plan.



    - Neal

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