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A True Start Up Business Offering by owner?

Being a home based business owner since Dec of 1978 has given me 29 years of wisdom in divirsified products and services.  In 1990 I created a unique product and kept the product under my company marketing umbrella only. 
In Oct 2004, I made the decision to share this business through a business offering.  The product evokes a lot of `why didn`t I think of that` and creates substantial profits.  Though this business can be done by just about anybody from anywhere, even driving down the highways in a motor home, I know it`s not for everybody.
My passion of being a home based business advocate means I like to promote home based businesses that excite me.  I continue to search weekly for business owners who have created a work at home business and are still working it today and promote it as a business offering for others to profit from within weeks, not months or years.
Sadly after 2 1/2 years I have only a few that I can endorse on www.thehomebusinessdepot.com</A>.   
If  you have such an offering or know of a business start up that has a track record and is not a franchise or an mlm, but a business owner creation that finds the owner still working the business, I welcome the offering for review and interview.
Once approved, the owner and I will do an hour radio program on their offering on The Home Business Depot Radio Show hosted on www.businesscardnotecards.com</A>, you will find a few other start up business ideas that perform.
Brooke Folk, originator www.businesscardnotecards.com</A>


  • BrookeBrooke subscriber Posts: 1
    If you were looking for a home based business, simply visiting that site and clicking on the links on the left will take you to that business description.  If you were clicking on Star Scapes for example, then a link taking you to that site would explain in great detail what that business offering was all about.
    Whenever a person is truly interested in investigating a home based business possibility they would read every sentence, gathering the information given to make an intelligent decision to pursue the possibility or continue their search.
    The Home Business Depot is a depot, a starting point intended to take you on a on your journey of  searching for a home based business offering.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... you have a spelling error on the home page of the depot site, in the beginning of the paragraph starting like this..."Be sure to request your monthly..." check the spelling of "available."On another note... I read everything and still don`t understand what it`s all about... sorry. I guess it`s not for me.
  • BrookeBrooke subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you iouone2 for the spelling error on the website.  It has been corrected.
    And thank you Stephane for your comment on finding my website easy to understand.  I also checked out the window washing system site.  A squeaky clean idea and one with a patent.  A window of opportunity!
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