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Article Marketing - what’s your experience??

DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
edited March 2007 in Marketing
What has been your experience with article marketing? I have a stable of articles - well over 100 of them from my online networking the last 3.5 years - a few of which I`ve posted on article warehouse sites or article directories. While a couple articles have actually come up pretty high on the Google rankings - #7 - the question is - does it translate into sales?I don`t know. It`s not expensive - but it IS time consuming. I`m about to get some of these articles out in a larger way by hiring a person who does article submissions to sites - but before I hit the "go" button I`d like to know what tangible results others have gotten from article marketing submissions.Oh, one of the other things I`m reading is that the article sites like ContentDesk.com and ArticleCity.com are not that helpful. Far better to go to sites that are targeted to the interests of your ideal customer - for me that would be women home-based and small business owners.Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences.All the best,Denise MichaelsAuthor, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"


  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    So far my submissions have been on article directory sites.  I`ve been on WAHM Talk Radio (Internet Radio) and people are frequently asking me if I will let them use my article on their site or in their newsletter - but I don`t think WAHM.com is one of those sites.
    All the best,
    Denise Michaels, Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"
  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks, Maria.  I appreciate it.  I`ll go check out that site.
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