Looking for Google Adwords/Adsense (and affiliate) help!

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Hello!  I don`t know, maybe I`m asking this wrong, but what I`m looking for is someone to teach me, guide me, help me learn.
I`m venturing out, on my own.  I`ve put in my notice at work, and that lasts through the end of next week.  I realize I might be asking someone to teach me to do something they`re doing, in effect, creating more "competition", but I figure the worst that can happen is for everyone to say no.
This would be a position I`d be willing to compensate someone for as well.
Please feel free to email me as well as reply here, email is [email protected]</A>


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    Hello Shawn,
       Here`s a link to a great book http://perrymarshall.com/</A>  Perry Marshall`s Definitive Guide to Google Adwords.
       I hope this helps.  I just ordered it but it has been recommended by someone I trust.
  • sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks! Actually, I think I have that book, bought it a while back... My problem is I don`t think I understand the generalities of it enough to really know even what questions to ask of someone... or to maybe even understand what`s being said in the book. *shrug*
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    Shawn, as to whether or not you are competition, depends on what business you are in  My experience with Google has been up and down. I have had an account with them for almost 2 years now, recommended to me by a mentor selling the same product I do.  At first, the amount of business I attracted was fantastic, but now I see more and more of the `big boys` competing and quite frankly its all about budget and the page position your ad occupies. I examing my content and try to make improvements all the time. I find that Google support assistance can be a little vague as to what can actually help make your ads a success. My advise to you is find someone in a similar line of business as you who web advertizes and find out what they budget versus the return percentage, in my line of business this amount was about 10-12% of expected returns.
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       As I have not yet received my copy I guess I can`t help at this point.  sigh...
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    I`ve been marketing online with Google and Yahoo`s affiliate programs and have been successful. 
    I am interested in teaching those about Google and Yahoo for a fee.  If you can afford 7,500 up front, I`ll teach you to how to make 30-40K per year.
    I`ll be more than happy to show my stats from Google and Yahoo if you are a serious advertiser and interested in learning more.
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    if you really need coaching..there are a few options:
    Personal AdWords Coaching
    Adwords consultation
    One dollar coaching for adwords
    sorry if all this sounds like promotion..but hope these options helps
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