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Not sure what I need, Virtual Assistant? or what?

sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
I have a website that deals right now with local restaurants.  I want to expand to other areas in my region, and then of course, nationally.  One of the things offered on the website is the ability for the restaurants to post their daily lunch and dinner specials, and then visitors to the site can sign up for a daily newsletter, actually twice daily(once at 10:00am for lunch specials, once at 4:00pm for dinner specials) and receive this seven days a week.
Some restaurants don`t have net access, so can`t get their specials on.  Others, just flat out either don`t have time, or don`t want to.  I want to be able to offer that service to them then as well.  But, it`s just me.  I can`t promise them I`ll be "here" seven days a week, to be able to get their data entered.  As well, what would I do if let`s say I end up with 1000 restaurants all wanting me to provide the entry service, and it`s still just me? 
So, I don`t really know where to turn.  I`ve contacted a couple of data entry services, but they don`t really fit the bill.  Most aren`t open on Sat. or Sun. and they`re looking for large data entry projects, not something that would be a few entries per day to start, with it hopefully growing to several hundred or more per day in the future.
Any thoughts? Help?


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    sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
    They can.  They have their own username and password to log into the backoffice for their "site".  Some however, as I said earlier, don`t even have net access at the restaurant.  Others, either don`t have time(or feel they don`t anyway) or,just don`t want to be bothered with it.
    For the ones who set their specials on a week by week basis, it`s one time a week, and they`re done.  For those that don`t now what the dinner special is until the chef tells them at 2:00pm, it`s an every day occurance.
    If I can offer this as an additional service to the restaurants, for a nominal fee of course, I think it makes my site that much more attractive to them.  All they need to do is make one phone call, or jot something down and fax it in, and it`s taken care of for them.
    Thank you for your reply though.
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    sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
    That`s what I was wanting to find out, if a VA would be the right thing to look into.  As far as the "entry" goes, there`s a backoffice portion to the site that has all the entry details taken care of.  In fact, if it`s an existing menu item, it`s a matter of finding the item, putting a lunch amount or dinner amount(price) in and putting a checkbox in the proper day.  Of course, if it`s a special this Wed, but not next Wed., then the checkbox needs unchecked for this item before next Wed.
    Some places have weekly deals where they know a week in advance, some don`t know til that day.
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    jenidlgjenidlg subscriber Posts: 2
    In my humble opinion, a VA would be a perfect fit for what you need done and I`m not just saying that because I am one.     My advice when contracting a VA is to find someone whose skills not only fit what your business needs but also has a personality that matches or compliments your own. 
    I am a pretty easy going person but I recently found myself in a situation where I was NOT a good personality match for the client I was working with.  I am no longer working with that client.  Personality can have a huge impact on things like efficiency and turnover when it comes to VA`s. 
    Just my two cents.
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