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Driving local residents to my site?

sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
edited March 2007 in Marketing
I`ve started a site that deals with local businesses only.  There`s a daily email that gives subscribers up to date information about the local area, etc, and I`m wanting to find the best way to drive local traffic to the site.
I don`t think that PPC or things like that are the way to go, because I don`t think there`ll be alot of search traffic for what I`m doing, at least initially.  The email the subscribers sign up for is free, and, I`m offering some incentives for them to sign up, but I need the traffic.
I`d like to go into more detail about the business, but even though at this point it`s still local, I`m planning on branching out, hopefully across the US.  I`m in the process of getting all of that set up now.  I not only need to know how to do this for my local site, but then what to tell future resellers as far as how to do it, get the most traffic for the least amount of expense, etc.
I`m looking at local radio advertising, and possibly some print ad.  Anything else someone can help with?


  • ruzzmanruzzman subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t discredit localized PPC.  Google allows you to specify a very narrow area for your PPC campaign if you wish.
    Sam Mancuso
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    OK all, 
    (specifically), my site provided quality decorations consisting of earthborn & handmade items, expressing a `one of a kind` nature and individuality. How would the local Chamber of Commerce help my business? I have not involved myself with them, because I feel my products are for `creature comfort` and not necessity. Would the Chamber of Commerce really have something to offer my business, or would it be more effective for me to continue talking with interior decorators and the like, on my own?
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    ElidS... Excellent suggestions. I will certainly look in to those idea. I have not listed my products on many sites (part is because I am unwilling to pay for listings) but it seems I should be listed in some that offer free submission. Just a quick note... I don`t pay for submission (PPC or other) because, 1st I don`t have the budget. 2nd, I don`t trust the system to actually make me sales. 3rd, I have local sales and word of mouth marketing that is keeping the biz afloat.
  • sleap13sleap13 subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!  I`d definitely planned to join the local Chamber of Commerce.  Since the site deals more specifically with one type of business, the Chamber won`t help tremendously I don`t think, but it certainly won`t hurt either.
    I`m meeting with a local radio ad rep tomorrow, the most listened to morning show in the area and their website gets about 30K plus hits per month, so putting an ad on there I think will help too.
    I suppose I can go ahead with more about the site itself, the LLC paperwork`s already in process, and I`ve had a lawyer set up independent sales rep contracts, etc..  Right now, the site is basically local only, but of course the plan is to branch out to other areas.
    Here`s the site URL, maybe once you see it you`ll have other ideas as well?
    Not totally revolutionary, but, offers options somewhat different than other sites that are out there.  Let me know what you think?  Oh, and of course, if anyone`s interested...
  • benefitsofyogabenefitsofyoga subscriber Posts: 0
    You can try ads in the local paper ... not the big regional one, but the smaller one. Better yet, get them to write an article about you!
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