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Passive Active Marketing

skyaboveskyabove subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2009 in Marketing

Is your Marketing Passive or Active?

As a business owner you are probably most familiar with Passive Marketing. It`s been the standard for 75 years or so and while it`s not going away, it is undergoing a dramatic shift.
The online world (where most of your future customers are) tends to lean toward active marketing. Most local businesses however focus almost exclusively on passive marketing.
So what`s the difference?
Passive- Businesses finds customers.
Active- Customers find businesses.
Passive Marketing
Think of passive marketing as a flash of information distributed to a large group. It could be a TV commercial, radio ad, magazine ad, website banner, printed materials, etc… Terms like branding, color theory, getting your name out, presentation, etc… are all forms of Passive Marketing. Even such activities often thought of as active, like sales calls and emails are passive. Passive marketing is almost always an interruption
In short, Passive marketing is any marketing that involves YOU finding customers.
Active Marketing
True active marketing is any marketing that involves your customers finding YOU. The catch is this. Active marketing only works on active customers. The good news is that more customers become active everyday.
Anyone using a search engine is an Active customer. Anyone calling information services, doing a local search, using their GPS system, using their mobile device (cell phone) or researching products or services are active.
Active marketing simply involves being there when a client is looking for your product or service. The challenge for most businesses is that they do not know where to be or how to get there.


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    brianna102brianna102 subscriber Posts: 0
    this is Brianna visiting first time to this guest book and find it very
    interesting.My marketing is active.
    this is Brianna visiting first time to this guest book and find it very
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    rel="dofollow">MLS</a>brianna10211/4/2008 11:43 PM
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    DCCSCSDCCSCS subscriber Posts: 6
    Good info...other than the internet and becoming more relevant on searches, where to you put your self for active marketing?
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    AuroraAndersonAuroraAnderson subscriber Posts: 1
    ...or the guy next to you found the starving fish.
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    MichStateMichState subscriber Posts: 0
    TigerTaco, boom you nailed it. SkyAbove is using different names for the Ad Industry Buzz Words of Creative Advertising and Directional Advertising.
    Creative aka Push advertising: Defined as Sellers seeking buyers. Radio, tv, magazine ads, banner ads, direct mail, are all Push Ads. You are Pushing your message to everyone hoping to hit someone who wants to buy or to create awareness of your product / brand so when they do buy, boom, they call you.
    Directional aka Pull aka Active: Buyers are seeking sellers. There is an established need and this form of advertising directs buyers to the sellers at that point. Think about Yellow Pages, Search Engines, Classified Ads..You`ve know you need an Attorney so you open the Attorney section in the Yellow Book, or you google Divorce Lawyers, or you open the Classified Ads looking for that new puppy. Now all the Ad needs to do is PULL you into your business because you are ready to buy from someone and need to be Pulled in the right direction.
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    skyaboveskyabove subscriber Posts: 2
    Great feedback on this post.
    Consider the title "Is your marketing Active or Passive" but remove the
    "marketing" and substitute a word of your choice. Here are a few to
    Is your "Fitness" Active or Passive"
    Do you own some workout equipment but never use it? - Passive
    Do you go to the gym and workout? - Active
    Do you have a personal trainer? - Active
    Do you have a Gym membership but never go? - Passive
    Is your "Volunteering" Active or Passive?
    Do you write a check - Passive
    Do you deliver groceries to the poor - Active
    Is your "Job Search" Active or Passive
    Do you view popular job boards for openings - Passive
    Do you participate in groups and forums about open positions - Active
    Passive means being involved at the surface level.
    Active means diving in head first and probing the depths.
    Passive is "Us and Them"
    Active looks for what we have in common.
    Passive is "Giving Directions"
    Active is a Co-Pilot
    If your marketing is active, you will know every plus and minus about your product or service.
    your marketing is active, it won`t be defined as directional, creative,
    interactive, pushed, pulled, contextual or any other industry
    If your marketing is active, you will have a hard time distinguishing your ad copy from a customer review.
    Active marketing means enrolling everyone into your vision.
    It means creating Fans, evangelist, enthusiast and supporters.
    Of course all of this assumes you truly believe in your product or service.
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