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Local Search Advertising

skyaboveskyabove subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2009 in Marketing

If you are a local based business, chances are you have been contacted by sales people trying to sell you a local advertising package. They employ a variety of tactics to get your money. Often they will tell you they have clients ready to send you or they have a special relationship with the directories.


In short it`s total BS and its a Scam.


Here`s the truth of Local Search Directories.


On the popular local directories, the basic listing is free! That includes Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You don`t need any special skills to get your business listed you just visit the directory`s website, sign up and add your business listing. You may have to verify your listing with a post card or phone call but that`s not rocket science.

Local directories want to list your business and details. It makes the directory more valuable. That is why they offer the basic listing for free. Yahoo has an upgrade listing option, Google sales Local Adwords (pay per click), MSN is working on an upgrade package and Yellow Pages, Super Pages, etc... will contact you to sale you on a more prominent listing. These upgrades may result in better placement but they are not required.

You can add tons of details to your listing yourself. You can and should add descriptions, products and services, categories, pictures, and videos.

Local directories like Google and Yahoo would prefer that you (the business owner) create, modify and update your listing. User placed listings tend to be more accurate, relevant and up to date.

There are no secret methods or super algorithms to boost you to the top. There are some strategies you can use along with common sense to help surfers find you. That is precisely what the directories want. They want to deliver the best results to a search. That is their life blood. Directories live and die by relevance.



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    SlowCookerMateSlowCookerMate subscriber Posts: 1
    That is a huge help.  Thanks for the insight.
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    DCCSCSDCCSCS subscriber Posts: 6
    Is there any merit in paying someone to get you more clicks?
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    MichStateMichState subscriber Posts: 0
    I guess I am confused are you talking about someone trying to get your company listed on Google Maps and Yahoo Maps? If so, yes those services are free and easy to get listed on., but I have never heard of a company that its core business is to get you listed on Google Maps.
    But if you are talking about Pay Per Click advertising, then you are badly mistaken. Pay Per Click advertising is pretty complex and time consuming and if not done right can be a waste, but if done correctly is a huge, huge tool. Why do you think Fortune 500 companies spend so much on PPC ads? Head over to google, yahoo, any search site, type in "flat screen tvs" ,you`ll see ads for Best Buy, Sears, Circuit City, WalMart, Amazon, Comparison Shopping sites.
    Why do these companies spend on PPC? Because it works and is accountable. Plain and simple. But I don`t believe this is what you referring to you though.
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    MichStateMichState subscriber Posts: 0
    I just looked at your website and it looks like all it does it charge $349 to have my company listed on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc? Isn`t your post saying this companies that do this are a scam
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    sofi123sofi123 subscriber Posts: 0

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