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Length of business plan

skateconsultantskateconsultant subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Business Planning
I am writing my first business plan ever. I am looking to start a hockey skate sharpening business out a garage in my hometown of about 27000 people.  The business plan I have currently sits is about half written and is only sitting at about 7 pages. The other question I have is doing financial projections how do sort between reality and wild crazy dreams. I will be totally bootstrapping this business. Little or no financing available and i will be working a full time "DAY" job. I feel this will be really successful just want to have all my ducks in a row skateconsultant2007-5-23 15:18:57


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    I LOVE the SCORE template personally.  (www.score.org</A>)  I suggest inflating expenses and being very realistic regarding revenue.  I have found recently that using "worst case" projections in my business plan, made the realities of what it`s costing me palatable.  GrillCharmer2007-5-23 16:0:41
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    GrillCharmer.  I think you hit it on the head.  I think most people are shocked and awed at actual costs.  I know I am.  Similar to buying/selling a house.  The actual costs involved will shake a person to the core.  But, nothing a grilled, well seasoned, med-rare NY strip and a bottle of Malbec can`t solve.  My first estimate at 20` container shipping from Asia was $1,500.  I had read this somewhere.  As you probably know, it likely is closer to $10K.     You just make the necessary BP adjustments and keep moving forward.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    MNGrillGuy, As usual... thanks for making my mouth water!!! MMMM... steak.... mmmmmmmm 
    LOVE the logo by the way!  Can`t wait to see your site!
    Skateconsultant, you are right on with the ducks needing to be in their nice little row!  You don`t need to have your biz plan complete before you pull the trigger as a good biz plan is never truly complete, but I think it was on this board that the general consensus was 60-80% complete including real numbers with tons of contingencies and you should be good to go.  Everything always takes longer and costs more, but if you`re prepared, you can do this!
  • JDawgJDawg subscriber Posts: 4
    If you are financing yourself, you don`t need a lengthy business plan.My business and marketing plan is some bullet points in a Word doc
  • skateconsultantskateconsultant subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks to all that have replied I have been able to get a litlle better understanding of what it is I am trying to accomplish, who I am doing it for and what they need to know. The work is very good I have been able to get alot of thoughts out of my head and onto paper and it is making me feel alot closer to getting this thing off the ground. I got good news from the local municipal office regarding home occupation bylaws. Should be good to go. Now all i need to do is buy a house, sell my house move to my hometown buy the neccessary equipment and turn the sign to open .
    Thanks Again
  • PeterBowenPeterBowen subscriber Posts: 0
    A to do list sounds like a better idea than a door stop thick business plan that no one ever uses.Does it cover the basics:How are the client`s going to find out about you?How are you going to serve them?How much are you going to charge them?How many skates wil you have to sharpen to break even?etcCheersPete
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Nikole, I remember a class in business school where one team proposed a mobile pet grooming business.  The general consensus was that you just could not do enough business to make ends meet.  We figured travel, set-up and clean-up time between jobs would just eat up too much time.  I`d be curious to know if the business was profitable??
  • BizCoachBizCoach subscriber Posts: 0

    It is really depends on the purpose of the business plan. There is not one way fits all. You determine the purpose first, who will be the audiences? What is will be use for? And than select which template to use.
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