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SandyJSandyJ subscriber Posts: 1
A MESSAGE To All New Entrepreneurs
Allow me to assist you in one of the most important areas of your new business endeavour - "Your Books".  Please contact me - I will be more than happy to help!  


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    i need some real help in my bookkeeping.  i currently run QB pro 2004, but won MS Small Business Accounting 2006.  i`d like to switch over, but am having a real hard time doing so.  i like QB, but can`t operate it to it`s fullest capacity.  i like being able to integrate the accounting into my contacts and emais, and other office products that MS SBA can provide.  I just don`t seem to be able to get it to work well for me.  i imported all the QB`s but not all of it came.  my item list came part way and not one price.
    i have customers that would like prices on certain items, but not all that i carry.  i know there had got to be one of the two systems that can allow me to provide a list of certain itmes and not all of them, but i don`t have the time to play with it.
    i`d truly love to have your help.
    thanksContinentalPrintingSupplies2006-4-7 13:0:46
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    SandyJSandyJ subscriber Posts: 1
    "There are several web-sites that address conversion issues between QB vs Microsoft accounting systems.  Do a search on  "Quickbooks vs Microsoft" for a list.  Also, Microsoft.com offers a comparison of the 2 systems.  Posting your question on one of these sites communicating with individuals having in-depth knowledge of the two systems should address your concerns.
    Please keep me posted regarding your progress and GOOD LUCK!!"
    SandyJSandyJ2006-4-7 14:0:45
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