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Independent Media Website Critique

FeistyNikkiFeistyNikki subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
Hi everyone,First off, the website address: http://www.feistyaphroditemovement.com/I run Feisty Aphrodite Movement, which is a website of independent, ethical media and an art gallery.  I recently redesigned the site for a cleaner look and cross-browser compatibility, also integrating a CMS (Content Management System) for my business partner who doesn`t know HTML/CSS, so that she can update content when needed.  My goals for this new design were to create easier navigation, better color palette and a cleaner, more professional looking site.  I also wanted it to be more browser friendly and have tested it on Mac: Firefox, Camino, Safari & Opera and PC: Firefox, IE 7, Navigator.  There are some variations in layout but I think it looks fairly consistent (Due to IE`s inability to read CSS like other browsers, I`ve had to design for the lowest denominator).Viewing the site in a low screen resolution breaks the layout but it is viewable correctly on a 1024X768 resolutions and up.  Our demographics are 14-35 year olds and our assumption is that our visitors spend a lot of time on the internet and grew up with it, therefore are more apt to get there news from alternative means.  We attract around 35,000 hits a month, give or take a few thousand, and I believe our old site pushed some away.Could you all let me know how easy (or hard) it is to navigate the site?  Is the content in logical order?  Do you understand what we are trying to do?  Do you have any suggestions for improvement?Thank you so much for your comments and feedback.  I truly appreciate it.Nikki of Feisty Aphrodite Movement


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