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Partners Needed Webdesign, Programming, Investors.

123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
I am looking to start a series of websites. Each one building upon the other. My problem is that I do not know web design or programming. My Ideas would need custom programming.The first is an kind of like an Idea farm. We purchase the rights to peoples story based on public opinion. To submit a story you would pay or use a one time code.We pay for the stories based on the number of submissions. To kick it off right we guarantee a certain amount that we would purchase a story (we only purchase the ones we choose kind of like a book company or that the public chooses through a voting system). Now to do as little work as possible you have the public judge.I am lookin for:A. Someone that is able to produce a professional site and custom programming willing to work for equity.B.Basic ecommerce designer that will create a fund raising site that will raise funds and sell equity to create a proper business website needed. C. Investors to fund.below is more detailshttp://club-rules.blogspot.com/Please do not steal this
123Buyer2007-3-24 9:25:59


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    REC750REC750 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am not the sole programmer for websites I have created
    Two of the sites I was a part of designing and programming:
    www.lifecoachhelen.com</A> is a site worked on; I hired programmers to make necessary behind-the-scenes programming for search engine friendliness.
    I have hired and managed web site programmers and application programmers  through a site on the internet to create my business` web site as well as a web site for another professional who hired me to create her business` web site;  I`m not sure what being paid with equity means in this case.
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    123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
    When you think about the target market you will understand.

    I thought of the idea a few years ago when everything went in the toilet. I
    needed money and I needed it fast and I have no family and friends. In the area
    where I was at. I had no phone at my residence, I was fired my car was repossessed
    and my power was turned off, my was in the hospital and my girlfriend dumped
    me. All in 24 hrs. I had no means of transportation. My wallet was in my car
    and my cell phone had died.
    So I went to the closest gases station for miles and they did not take out of
    town checks.

    I had a few dollars and bought a beer and some lottery tickets and went home. I
    won nothing.

    That is when it hit me:
    1. everyone has bad days.
    2. You want someone just listen.
    3. Instead of gambling I would rather pay to have my story heard by someone
    else maybe have them leave a message or at least rate me.
    4. If someone has a worst day than me I would have no problem giving them a
    dollar to make their day better and to hear their story.

    Plus I am in the entertainment industry doing improve and acting as well as
    other jobs and to have access to actual life stories make the material ten time
    better. (Based on a True story)

    This is a mere entertainment service.

    My question to you is how could you justify bottling water?

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    123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
    As for the rest of my story I had someone stealing my mail. I had paid everything got the car back and found out from the land lord that they had this problem all the time. 
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    123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
    Also a lot of these free sites are cluttered with advertisement which ruin the experience for me. So since we are offering a service with no advertisements we need to get paid some how.And for Justifying the payment I have spoke to many individual and they all had a breaking point at which they would participate in the site. So may be someone would not pay at $100 or even $200 but if we start paying out $500 or $1000 I guarentee people would start paying.  At that point we would grow ten time faster. EVERYONE HAS A BREAKING POINT!!!
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    123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
    "I`m not sure what being paid with equity means in this



    It is more of a profit sharing.  We will agree upon a

    I have Price quoted this particular venture with professionals the average
    minimum price is $20,000.

    This is out of my price range so I am looking to partner up with others to
    minimize expenditures and form a relationship for future ventures.

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    REC750REC750 subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for explaining the equity part.
    You could build more web sites than you need for $20,000.
    I think if you hired a foreign programmer who speaks English such as someone from India, you could get a web site made for under $1,000, possibly even by an American. I only charged $300.00 for www.lifecoachhelen.com</A> because she had the design and graphics already; I just needed to get it into web page format and pay someone to make it compliant with standards which is behind-the-scenes programming that no one sees on your site but which search engines see and use to determine your ranking in the listing of search results.  Now the graphics design could be expensive.
    You can have a web site hosted for $50/year on godaddy.com. You need to register a URL, a "www" address wilth a domain name registrar, someone like godaddy.com or dotster.com and that costs around $15/year at dotster, cheaper on godaddy.
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    REC750REC750 subscriber Posts: 0
    I got my product logo for $20 from a kid in an Adobe photoshop (image editing software) class at the community college. Years later I  hired a Russian graphic design person over the internet for like $20 to change it to a slightly different design.
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    123Buyer123Buyer subscriber Posts: 2
    I already have the domain and site hosting if you are interested let me know.I have been using it to mess around with the joomla format. I have special requirements to the site this is where the money came into play. But if you think you can manage what are your terms.How long will it take to make?
    123Buyer2007-3-23 23:13:3
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    REC750REC750 subscriber Posts: 0
    Actually, I would need you to list everything you want done. These are the project/programming requirements. Be specific to the last detail. If you just want to focus on a small job to get started so you don`t have to define everything you need done right-away, then I could tell you whether I would do it and for how much and when it would be finished. Probably you should tell me all the main features/functions (like if you want to have a forum, etc.) you want in the future so I could know whether I wanted to take the job for the long haul or just to get you started. 
    So I would need a list of all the pages you want; your home page menu link items (like "contact us") listed and any additional pages beyond the home page menu pages. Just as much as you feel you want to write the requirements for to start with. Or you can give me the whole project requirements if you already have them written out. Such as programming languages you want to use or all of the languages that would be needed to program the whole project or just a starter project.
    Also for ecommerce, if you are going to sell stories as text documents readers can purchase, I would need to know if you would be willing to use a file library site which would store your text documents for sale for $3.95/month with no commissions or additional fees for this site to hold about 500 MB of your data, I believe. So for you to get paid for selling your text document stories, you would sign up for a paypal account and on your web site you would have "Buy Now" buttons which are links to PayPal which link to the file library site for each story you are selling to be purchased and then automatically when your web site visitor bought a story, they would be emailed an email from the file library with a link to take them to the file library site to download the story after they paid for it on paypal with a credit card and you would receive an email from paypal everytime someone purchased a story. You should get a PayPal business account, possibly called a "business premiere" account on PayPal. Otherwise, with a personal account, you can`t accept credit cards. Use your own name as the name of the company if you have no IRS tax ID for a company so you can get deposits from PayPal into your personal bank account without having an official company name. Do open a separate bank checking account for this. Don`t use your regular bank account for this. That way if someone ever got your information from paypal, they would just get what you had in this second account, not your personal account.
    Then you tell me how many days you want to allow for this to be completed; and, I will tell you if it can be done in that time period. But I suspect I will need some time to figure out and estimate how long this will take after you tell me what you want done.
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