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Incorporation Service

simplysanriosimplysanrio subscriber Posts: 4
edited June 2007 in Business Planning
Hi All, this is my first post and I`m very excited to have a place with so many helpful people. 
I would like to incorporate in California and am thinking about using a service to take care of that for me.  There are just too many companies out there to choose from.  Do you have any suggestions?  I have also thought about just doing it myself, but am worried I might miss something.  What do you think?  Thanks for any replies!


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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    I would either do it yourself with your secretary of state or hire a lawyer.  the "document preparation services" can`t give legal advice and can really only fill out forms - which you can do.
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    EntrevisorEntrevisor subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree that for the most part those "auto-incorporators" just fill in the blanks. For the most simple of businesses, e.g. no partners, this may be okay. However, if you have multple owners/partners/etc or if there is potential for events to occur that cookie-cutter provisions would not cover then I highly suggest finding a reasonably priced attorney. On that note, your best bet may be to incorporate the business in a state other than California. CA is much more expensive in taxes and fees for incorporation in that state than most other states.
    Feel free to email me with any additional questions, Entrevisor @ Gmail .com 
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    simplysanriosimplysanrio subscriber Posts: 4
    I think I read somewhere that if I am doing business in CA, I need to be incorporated here..or have to pay the same taxes or something along those lines.  If not, I would much rather incorporate somewhere else!
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    simplysanriosimplysanrio subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks for looking that up!
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