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Mechanically complex device needs alpha/beta prototyped

silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
I have developed a combination of inventions that improve upon and compliment an already exsisting invention. Before moving on with a patent on any of my original contributions I would first like to build working, replicable prototypes. This may take several alpha prototypes to make replicable and fine tune function. Once I have reached the beta phase I am sure I can obtain financing. But untill then my resources are very limited. On top of that I have never gone past the dream/design phase of any of my past inventions so I have little to no experience in the area. Here are a few (vague) details on my project. Lets see if there is any help out there to be offered.
It is an overunity device (I know "guh, bored sigh") a magnetic motor to be exact. I have worked up an improvement on the torbay magnetic motor in argentena. In addition to those improvements I have designed several assists, a generator, and a torque - rpm (or vice versa) transmission as well as a few concept frictionless bearings all for use in a modular inline system for virtually free energy (the only cost is slow degausing of th magnets requiring replacing aprox once every 200 - 400 years and grease/mechanical wear and tear costs.)
The parts I will need custom built are as follows
1 Base plate
1 custome rotor
30 tapered rods
60 Brackets with attached bearings to act as hinge
twin gear combo
pressed magnetic(engraved) bearings
I have general cad documents but more detail is needed (i lack the CAD skill)
I am looking for financial or mechanical assistance.. or simple advice is welcome.


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    CookieMonsterCookieMonster subscriber Posts: 0
    Overunity ... as in perpetual motion ... zero point energy ... something along these lines?
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    silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
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    txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    ahhh - the old free energy motor concept again.
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    silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    yes yes i know... its beaten to heck and back.. well I happened to come across the torbay motor online and a forum discussing it and believe I know how to not only replicate it but improve on its design 1000 fold. (at least no exaggeration) I just do not have the means to produce the parts I need to assemble a prototype. My design is far to complex to build using redneck parts out of the garage... and i somehow doubt that epoxy and balsa wood is gonna do it.
    so... you got any sources for cheap machining?
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    silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    i already did that one... they want over 3,000USD just to machine enough parts for one machine! ..... I am hoping to find something a bit simpler... everything that i need can be done on a computerized mill or casting. 
    they want over 500USD just for 26 one inch sheet metal brackets!  (its a one inch square of sheet metal with four holes drilled in it and bent into a squared off U shape.) I could do it in my garage except that i need each one to be exactly the same... and that i could not do very easily.
    nah i think i am going to have to go local on this one... just not sure where to go to start... what kind of shop would have a computerized mill or aluminum melting facilities in a backward little town like this lol...
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    silverdragonrssilverdragonrs subscriber Posts: 2
    that is some really useful advice scottg thanks a lot... I will check into that... there are several projects that I am working with the college with anyways... whats one more
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    Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    There would be a huge market for overunity energy generator, however the chance of making a workable unit is ZERO.  Such a device would violate all known laws of physics (and thermodynamics).
    If you named your invention a "direct matter to energy converter", some people may get curious.  Cold fusion by Pons has been debunked.  Yes, energy has to come from a field or from matter.  Are you god?
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    stratomaticstratomatic subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Silverdragonrs,
    Take a look at my website www.sciencerd.com I am an engineering consultant and specialize in prototyping, CAD, CNC machine shop and a solid background in mechanisms. I`m an individual (sole proprietor) not a company so everything I do is with minimum overhead which is the real key. I can give you a step by step quote so it is very clear what it will cost and why.
    What you are trying to do is extreemely hard as I`m sure you know but that`s what they say about every breakthrough. Keep plugging away and along the way you may discover something else just as important.
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    SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4

    I would check out your local SBDC for some assistance. Mine happens to have  full fledged engineering department that can offer everything from CAD drawings to fully functional prototypes. Looks like the assistance you need!

    Hi Silverdragon,
    Congrats on at least pursuing what those would call impossible (hey, try try and try again!).
    The quote above is a good resource (free) for at least locating someone willing.
    You also may try local Universities, our own University of Utah is starting (and BYU already has) programs which offer inventors to submit their invention for research, feasibility and prototype design.  They NORMALLY take in very complex projects.
    This has the upside of getting numerous variations and research done on your project, as well as garnering interest from the corporate sponsors of these programs (which, these programs almost always have).
    The downside, is of course the time-line, a year plus, as well as the Professor.  In the end it will be an academic exercise, and so your personal wants as the inventor may be overruled by the Professor of the class and/or program.
    Good luck!
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