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Socks for the military.

meljoymulmeljoymul subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Veterans
I have heard though the grapevine that the military serving in Iraq are in need of socks and the government will not provide socks to them, perhaps because socks don`t last very long . I`m in the sock industry and would love to be able to send our sock "Silicone Socks" over there for them, my company is new on-line at http://siliconesock.com</A> if anyone knows anyone in the that could use a pair of these long lasting socks with a 100% protective rubber sole, please visit our web site.


  • ladyleatherneckladyleatherneck subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Mel,
    That is very nice of you to want to help out those deployed in Iraq right now, Unfortunately, and I speak from experience, I dont think they will be allowed to wear those socks out there because of the silicone, plus with the heat and the combat boots we have to wear, your feet will pretty  much cook. We arent allowed to wear any silicone based clothing ( like the under armour shirts or shorts) because in the case we are under fire, the silicone melts extremely easy, and our regulation uniforms are flame retardant.....
    But if you want to help any other way contact your local red cross, and they will be able to give direction as how to help..
    thank you for supporting us!
  • meljoymulmeljoymul subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Lady Leather Neck(cool name),
    Thank`s for that info on the socks I was unawre of the codes for the military,
    altough I was thinkig about amputee`s this kind of sock could protect the limb from infection`s and blister`s what do you think, I just want to help those who gave their lifes for us with my new sock!  Mabye I can creat a link just for those who served and suffer from limb loss. What do you think?
  • ladyleatherneckladyleatherneck subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Mel,
    Yeah I think that may work out pretty good, you should give a try like I mention before your local red cross is your best bet to getting connected with the veteran`s association or your loca VA chapter....
    have an awesome day,
  • meljoymulmeljoymul subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Mia,
    I would love to sent you a samplefor you to enjoy.
    Thanks Agian for the GREAT ADVICE you know launching a new product is so hard all the big companies try there best to dicourage the little guy, but individual`s like yourself who think it is a good idea give me that little bit of confidence I need to go on!
  • russbrussb subscriber Posts: 3
    Our selection for socks isn`t that big, especially in the field. Our uniforms are built for combat, down to even our socks. Of course, we have dress uniforms but those adhere to strict rules as well.
    I don`t see why a VA hospital wouldn`t want to get involved in something like this though. It could be as easy as giving some to a local VA hospital to hand out. Of course, you would have them packaged with your info so if the vet likes them enough, they could order more! Both sides win!
    Good luck and hope it works out!
  • msceesmscees subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for all the conversations about the military expections regarding our troops.  I, too, have been wondering how to market my foot care line to the VA or even more so directly to the soldiers.
    The foot care line called Absolutely Fabulous Feet, not only helps to keep the feet protected but it also contains Tee Tree Oil ( anti-fugal, anti-bacterial).  We currently sell it to Podiatrist and they like the benefits it gives to their diabetic patients and also to AAFES.com.  Our goal is to have it supplied directly to the troops.  Can you give me some insite.  Thanks a lot and have a Happy thanksgiving.
    Corliss Darnell

  • ztoy01ztoy01 subscriber Posts: 0
    I need one of these socks - do you still have any?  The website is down.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
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