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I have compiled a fairly good list of free directories to start promoting your new sites.. And a few paid directories also that will give your site a fair weight in search engines. heres the list:Free submission directory lists: ARTICLE DIRECTORIES:http://www.articlebasement.comhttp://www.submityourarticlesnow.comhttp://www.repositorysubmission.comhttp://www.postarticles4free.comhttp://www.placefreearticles.comhttp://www.myarticlerepositories.comhttp://www.myarticlecolumn.comhttp://www.FREE4ALLARTICLES.COMhttp://www.ARTICLESUBMISSION4FREE.COMhttp://www.ARTICLEADVISORS.COMhttp://www.5STARTARTICLE.COM Quality Paid Directories: pr6 PR5 PR5 pr6 PR6 pr6 PR6 PR6I also added this list in my page so if you want your link directory to be added also. Just send me a PM here or email me at [email protected] . i will reply to you immediately and add your website there..Or you can just reply to this thread and post your directories..


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