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Start Up References for a Service Based Website

AndyrewAndyrew subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Selecting a Business
I have an idea for a service based website, that I think could potentially take off.  I have no idea what to do first.  Does anyone know of any good books that may serve to somewhat get me started in the right direction? 


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    HomeGurdianHomeGurdian subscriber Posts: 0
    Nikole is correct. Just remember that everything falls under the 80/20 rule. If you have a plan you will win 80% of the time. If you don`t you win 20% of the time. Buy Business Plan Pro 2007. It will help you by stepping you the process. Below is the link.
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    ObsidianLaunchObsidianLaunch subscriber Posts: 7
    Before you write a biz plan I think you need to identify a few things.  The idea may be great, but is it something that you are really energized about. In other words, is this something that is a passion. If so you are greatly increasing the chance of a success.
    Is there a specific niche that is being served? If so, are you yourself representative of the niche. If you are, you again have increased the likelihood of success, because you are the customer (or at least the customer demographic).
    If you can answer yes to these questions, then it is time to prep the good old business plan!
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    HomeGurdianHomeGurdian subscriber Posts: 0
    I also believe that research will help you. Some more questions that will need to be answered.
    What is the size of the market you are going after?
    What is the demographics of the buyer of your product?
    This will help you in all aspects of the business. Helps you target your sales. Helps you create your marketing. Helps you know how much market share you have.
    I hope this helps 
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